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Steamworks operations

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Steamworks and Steam are built on highly dependable foundations. Redundancy, visibility, and operational agility are all integral traits of Steam. This means that using Steamworks allows you to be confident that your game's networked features will be reliably available to your customers.

In service and proven through games

Steam supports games and gaming on a large scale. During the five years that it has been in service, it has provided millions of gamers with over 80 petabytes of game data, hundreds of games, and supported countless multiplayer sessions. It is a proven and robust platform.

Geographic redundancy

Steam delivers your game to customers world-wide via a network of over 200 content servers hosted in 66 data centers world wide. Steam is also smart about routing traffic. End users are matched with the best available content servers via a series of client connection managers, which are distributed at network hotspots.

World class core data center

Steam’s core systems are housed in a PCI compliant data center, complete with conditioned power, generator backup, redundant network paths, and a 24x7x365 on-site operations staff.

In-depth network monitoring and real-time alerting

The sun never sets on the gaming world, so we manage our services with 24x7x365 operational response to critical alerts. Network engineers and robust software systems monitor Steam constantly, watching and addressing any service which is not performing optimally.

Automated client error reporting

Steamworks includes a stand-alone client error reporting engine. These reports are collected and presented to form a "true" view of system-wide health, not just back-end diagnostic guesses.

Availability & uptime

Since its initial launch, Steam has had a strong track record for uptime. During that time, service has maintained much greater than 99% availability. Scheduled maintenance outages are brief and rare and, due to the redundant nature of the network, rarely impact users.


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