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Broadcast Moderation and Adding Moderators

Moderating Chat on your Steam Broadcast

There are several ways that you can moderate the chat on your broadcast on Steam using the built-in moderation tools, and we'll cover the various ways to do that on this documentation page.

Before You Start

Make sure you are signed into the account that will be broadcasting on Steam or an account that has been promoted to moderator status.

Defining Moderators for Broadcast Chat

There are a couple ways you can add or update moderators that are allowed to help in your broadcast chat room.

In Chat

From within the broadcast chat itself, you can right click on an account and select the option to make them a moderator. Note: users who have been promoted to moderator status cannot promote other users to moderator.

Friends List

You can select from your list of friends to elevate someone to be a moderator whenever your account is broadcasting. Note that this will follow you around, allowing the account to moderate any broadcast of yours.


Chatonly view

To help with dedicated moderation tasks, you can open any broadcast chat in it's own window by using this URL format:<steamID of the broadcaster>

*The SteamID used here is the 64-bit Steam ID. A quick way to view your 64-bit Steam ID is to visit this URL:

Your Steam ID will be appended to the end of this URL when you visit this site.

Moderating Chat

There are several places you can moderate the chat on your Steam broadcast: on your store page, on your steam broadcast page, and in the chatonly view.

Store page

From your Steam store page, click on Show Chat underneath your broadcast to view the chat. Once you see the chat, you can click on any line of chat to bring up the moderation tools:

  • Remove this user's messages
  • Mute user for 12 hours
  • Mute user for a week
  • Mute user permanently
  • Unmute
  • Make this user a Moderator
  • Remove Moderator status for user

Broadcast page

From your Steam broadcast page--which you can access from your store page broadcast by clicking on "View broadcast page", you can also moderate the chat in a similar way to your store page chat. Here, just mouse over a line of chat and click on the triangle to bring up the moderation tools.

Chat only view

Navigate to and then click on Broadcast Chat to open a new window to display all of the chat on your broadcast. You can use the same moderation tools in this view. It's a handy way to do dedicated chat moderation of your broadcast.

Viewing Moderators and Moderation History

Navigate to and then click on Moderation Dashboard to view a list of your current broadcast moderators as well as view the moderation history.

You can also see a concise list of moderators and users that have had moderation action taken against them by visiting this url:<steamid of the broadcaster>