Steamworks Documentation
Homepage Example
Here is a break-down of how we set up the Valve homepage so you can get a sense of how you can use various sections to achieve different sets of games. You can see the Valve homepage here:

We may change the Valve homepage, so the current version of the homepage may not exactly match the sections described below, but hopefully we have included enough information here to be useful as a guide.

Header Area


The header area of your page is comprised of two parts that are meant to serve two different roles.
  1. On the left is the square logo, intended to be your company logo. It is often the single image that represents your company alongside recommended games for followers and potential followers throughout Steam. This image is 184px wide by 184 px tall and should clearly focus on your company logo.
  2. The background image that runs behind the entire header area is intended to be a subtle element that showcases your company's brands, game IP, or just a piece of art that evokes the feeling of the games you make. This image is 1500 px wide by 220 px tall and will automatically have the left and right edges faded out to gracefully handle wider monitors. For best results, this should be on the dark side and try to avoid high-contrast elements, especially behind the text.
Note that the text name "Valve" that appears next to the square logo is defined by the name of your group that you have linked your games to.

"Featured Games" Section


We achieved this set of "featured games" by first creating a list (from your 'admin' tab, select 'create list' and then select the games you wish to include). In this case, we hand-picked the latest titles from our main franchises to highlight the breadth of games that Valve has made.

This list itself can be marked as either public or unlisted, depending on whether you would also like the list to appear publicly on your 'all lists' page. Either way, you can select the list to feature on your homepage and you can pick from a couple different ways of displaying those titles.

"Our Franchises" Section


Franchises are an extension of the homepage system. See Franchise Pages documentation for more information on setting up a franchise homepage. Once you are a member of other groups that are set up as franchise homepages, you can select them to display in this section.

"Lists" Section


For smaller franchises, series, or groups of games that you want to organize for players, you can create lists. You can then select a space here on your homepage to display all your public lists. The lists will display here in the order you set for your lists in your list management interface.

"Multiplayer" Section


This multiplayer section is achieved by selecting "Multiplayer" as a tag so that the section automatically populates with all the game's Valve has made that are tagged with "Multiplayer".

"Top Sellers" Section


Here we've selected the pre-made section for top-selling games. This section will then automatically populate with the titles we've made, sorted in order of revenue.

Customized Tags


You can also customize the tags that are shown in the left-most column of your tabbed area. You can hit the blue X to remove tags that aren't relevant to the games you make and you can use the controls below them to add other tags that are more relevant. So for Valve, the "Casual" and "Racing" tags weren't relevant, so they could be removed. Instead, Valve makes a lot of "Co-Op" and "Multiplayer" games, so those made more sense to be added as a way for players trying to find useful categories of games Valve has made.