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Supported Currencies
The currencies listed as "live" below are currently available to customers on Steam. Currencies listed without being Live are ones where we collect prices and plan to release at some point in the future. Only live currencies will be used on the store and may be used for microtransactions.

In countries where we don't have the native currency available, prices are presented and charged in US dollars, except for countries geographically located within Europe where the Euro is used instead.

We recommend a discounted USD price in the Commonwealth of Independent States and affiliated countries where we don't have local pricing. This is presented as a "CIS - USD" in the pricing tools.

Unless otherwise noted:
  • Amount can result in a partial "dollar" value (e.g. 150 cents for $1.50) unless otherwise noted.
  • Amount entered into the partner site or sent to the ISteamMicroTxn/InitTxn API must be expressed using the hundredths value ("cents", "pence", etc.) of the selected currency ("dollar", "pound", etc.).

Currency Live Description
AED Yes United Arab Emirates Dirham, reported in fils
AUD No Australian Dollars, reported in cents
BRL Yes Brazilian Reals, reported in centavos
CAD Yes Canadian Dollars, reported in cents
CHF Yes Swiss Francs, reported in centime
CLP Yes Chilean Peso, reported in centavos. Must result in whole Peso (e.g. 1000, not 1050).
CNY Yes Chinese Renminbi (yuan), reported in fēn. Must result in whole Renminbi (e.g. 1000, not 1050).
COP Yes Colombian Peso, reported in centavos. Must result in whole Peso (e.g. 1000, not 1050).
EUR Yes European Union Euro, reported in eurocents
GBP Yes United Kingdom Pound, reported in pence
HKD Yes Hong Kong Dollar, reported in sin
IDR Yes Indonesian Rupiah, reported in sen. Must result in whole Rupiah (e.g. 1000, not 1050).
INR Yes Indian Rupee, reported in pais. Must result in whole Rupee (e.g. 1000, not 1050).
JPY Yes Japanese Yen, reported in sen. Must result in whole Yen (e.g. 1000, not 1050).
KRW Yes South Korean Won, reported in jeon. Must result in increments of 10 whole Won (e.g. 2000, not 1599 or 1600).
MXN Yes Mexican Peso, reported in centavos
MYR Yes Malaysian Ringgit, reported in sen
NOK Yes Norwegian Krone, reported in Øre
NZD Yes New Zealand Dollar, reported in cents
PEN Yes Peruvian Nuevo Sol, reported in céntimos
PHP Yes Philippine Peso, reported in centavos
RUB Yes Russian Rouble, reported in kopeks
SAR Yes Saudi Riyal, reported in halalah
SGD Yes Singapore Dollar, reported in cents
THB Yes Thai Baht, reported in satang
TRY Yes Turkish Lira, reported in kuruş
TWD Yes New Taiwan Dollar, reported in fēn. Must result in whole Dollar (e.g. 1000, not 1050).
UAH No Ukrainian Hryvnia, reported in kopiyok
USD Yes United States Dollar, reported in cents
ZAR Yes South African Rand, reported in cents