Steamworks Documentation
Store Page, Building and Editing
This documentation will provide information on how to prepare your store page before release and update your store page after release.

How to Build a Store Page

From the landing page of the application, click “Edit Store Page” to edit the description, trailer, screenshots, etc. for your product. The checklist on the right-side of your landing page will include the required items for your store presence that will need to be completed before you can submit your product for review. You can check the Release Process documentation for more information on how to prepare your product for release.

You will need to complete the sections marked with a (*) in each tab. Each section will have more information on what you should include in that section. You can learn more in our Graphical Assets - Overview and Trailers documentation. You can also check our Review Process documentation for what we look for when reviewing your application.

Early Access Store Page

If you are releasing in Early Access, you will need to check the box under the Early Access tab and answer all the questions in that section. You can check out the Early Access documentation for more specific information about Early Access on Steam.

Store Page Video Tutorial

This Steamworks Tutorial details the process of creating and viewing your store page in Steam.

Store Beta Mode

When you are initially creating your store page, or when editing an existing store page, you can see most of your changes in beta mode before making those changes public. To view your page in beta mode while editing your store page, simply click "Preview changes in store" link in the upper-right corner of your page.

Where is my purchase button?

If your product is not yet released on Steam, then purchase buttons and packages will not be visible when viewing your store page in beta mode. To make sure a purchase option is correctly configured, please check under "Store packages, pricing, & release dates" on your application landing page to ensure that pricing has been entered, and that the name of the package is what you intend to appear to the public. You can edit the package name by clicking on the package and selecting "Edit Package Name" from the right-hand column on the package landing page.

Why do I see all my upcoming DLC listed?

By default, any DLC that has been created for your application will be in beta mode and appear listed on your store page you while viewing your page in beta mode. Unless those DLC have been released, they will not appear to the public.

Publishing a Store Page

To publish a Store page, go to the "Edit a Store Page" section of your application and click the "Publish" tab. From there, you can compare versions and begin the publication process by pressing "Prepare for Publishing."

Be mindful that publishing a store page will move ALL store page data and assets (including screenshots, trailers and library assets) to Steam's public servers. There, they can potentially be scrapped or datamined by 3rd party websites and shared on social media. This is true even if your app is in an unreleased or hidden state, so be careful not to inadvertently share an unannounced game or secret DLC project with the public this way!

If you'd rather preview your store page yourself prior to publishing it for everyone, be sure to use the Store Beta Mode as described above.

Editing Store Page After Release

Once you have released your store page, you will have the option to update and make changes to your store page yourself by going to the “Publish” tab. The changes made on the store page will show up on the store page immediately after publishing them.

If you would like to make edits to the store page but do not wish to set it public yet, you can do so by clicking "Save" at the bottom of the page and not publishing those changes. There will be a red bar at the top of the page if there are unpublished changes for the app's store page.

Note: Your game's name cannot be changed once a game has been through pre-release review process. Please see Changing Your Game's Name for more details.