Steamworks Documentation
Managing Your Steamworks Account


Steamworks has a robust user-management tool that lets administrators define permissions for accessing, editing, and publishing configuration and information for your applications on Steam.

If you are marked as an administrator for your Steamworks account, you can manage users and permissions on the Users & Permissions page. If you are not an administrator, you will see a list of your administrators on the right side of the Steamworks home page that you can contact to request additional permissions as appropriate.

Managing Users

In order for another user account to have access to any part of managing your game in Steamworks, you will first need to add that user by sending them an invitation on the Add/Manage Users page. The invitation process is as follows:

  • Enter the new user's email address. The email does not need to match any existing Steam account.
  • An email will be sent to the invitee notifying them of the invitation with a link to accept.
  • Once accepted, you will receive an email notifying you that the invitee has accepted. You or another administrator in your Steamworks partner account will need to approve or reject the confirmation within 7 days.
  • Once confirmed, the invitee will receive a final email welcoming them to Steamworks and you will be able to add that user to any management groups with permissions for groups of games.

Adding a user and selecting particular permissions will grant that user those permissions for any applications currently in the "Everyone" group. The "Everyone" group is created automatically for every Steamworks partner account. Users with admin permissions can remove specific applications from the "Everyone" group if it is desired to manage more specific access to particular games via groups.

User Invitation History

You can review a history of user invitations sent, pending, and confirmed in your Steamworks partner via the User Invite History page.

User History

You can review a history of users in your Steamworks partner via the User History page. There you can find a detailed report of when users were added or removed, by whom, and with which permissions.

Managing Groups

Permissions for performing tasks within Steamworks are managed through groups. These groups are a collection of applications and users, each with their own specific permissions for what they can manage with regards to the applications in that group.

Each partner account will have an "Everyone" group with all the applications associated with that partner account. If you need to give a user access to some applications in your partner account but not all, you can create a new group and add that user to the group. The permissions that you specify for that user will only apply to the applications in that group. To manage your groups, head to the Add/Manage Group page.

Granting Permissions

Administrators can only grant permissions that they have themselves. For example, if an administrator does not have "Manage Pricing & Discounts" on their account in the Everyone group, then they will be unable to grant that permission to anyone.

Actual Authority

Actual Authority is a specific type of administrative rights which are handled differently than other types of permissions. Actual Authority allows the user to:
  • view and make changes to bank account information
  • view and make changes to tax information
  • view and make changes to payment thresholds
  • sign legal agreements, and
  • initiate and accept transfers of applications.

Accordingly, Actual Authority rights are limited. To request that a user be given Actual Authority, please contact Steam Publishing. We recommend that you periodically review who has this level of rights.

User Permissions

There are two types of user permissions on Steamworks: Partner-level permissions and Group Permissions.

Partner Permissions

Partner-level permissions are applied for the entire Steamworks partner account. Current permissions include:

icon_star.png Administrator Allows the user to manage users and permissions on the partner account. Only users with admin rights can pay the Steam Application Fee and activate the application credit. See Steam Application Fee to learn more.
icon_actual_authority.png Actual Authority This permission is only assigned to the account that is responsible for signing paperwork on behalf of your organization and cannot be granted to a user by anyone other than Valve. The user with Actual Authority is able to enter and modify bank and tax information as well as accepting legal agreements on behalf of your organization including the right to initiate and accept transfers. If no one in your Steamworks Account has Actual Authority, or if you need to designate a new user as Actual Authority, please contact Steam Publishing and let us know.
Manage UsersUser can add and manage permissions for other users. You must already have this permission in order to grant it to other users.
View FinancialsUser can view financial details for all Applications in the partner account. This supersedes the "View Financial Info" group permission.
Receive Steamworks CommunicationUser will receive emails from Valve regarding upcoming promotions, targeted events and new feature announcements on Steam. Without this permission, you may still receive other notifications, such as key requests, store page and build reviews, legal notices, and Steamworks group announcements. Once enabled, the user will need to confirm their email address in order to start receiving emails. Click here for details

Group Permissions

Group-level permissions are assigned for an individual within a permissions group. Those permissions are then applied for that user to any application that is also in that group. To add and manage users, head to the Add/Manage Users page.

Here is a list of the current permissions and what they do:

Visibility OnlyNo permissions to manage Applications, but as a member of the Steamworks partner group, can access Applications via the Developer Comp packages and is given "Moderator" access for the Steam Community for any Applications in the group.
Edit App Metadata Grants permission to upload depots, test Steamworks features, define packages, achievements, leaderboards, post trading cards, etc. Also grants administrative access and designation for the Steam Community for any Application in the group.
Edit App Marketing Data Grants permission to edit and publish store page data such as game description, branding images, and videos. Also includes access to marketing tools like visibility rounds.
Edit Store Localization Data Grants permission to edit any data on store setting tabs that include one or more localizable fields, such as product description and graphical assets. Does not grant permission to publish, or marketing tools like visibility rounds. Note: This is a subset of the "Edit App Marketing Data" functionality.
View Marketing Traffic Data Grants permission to view traffic data from the "Marketing & Visibility" section of the App's landing page. From here, internal Steam store traffic data, external store traffic data, launch and update visibility round data and UTM analytics data is viewable. Some data in those sections is also downloadable via csv.
Publish App Changes To Steam Grants permission to publish changes made in the Technical Tools > Edit Steamworks Settings section of the Steamworks Developer site for your title.
View Error Data Grants permission to view error reports for your title (if your title is integrated with Steamworks error reporting system).
Generate CD Keys Can request CD Key batches for your application or upload third-party keys. Learn more about product keys here.
View Financial Info Can view sales and download data for your application and packages.
Manage Signing Can manage digital signing for your title. This will enable management of Anti-Cheat and SDK Auth settings for an Application.
Economy/Workshop Support Allows the user to view/grant economy items in the partner site economy support tool.
Economy/Workshop Supervisor Currently same functionality as Support just above.
Manage Pricing & Discounts Allows the user to suggest pricing changes and opt in to discounts and promotions. See the Pricing documentation to learn more. NOTE: This permission is necessary to complete the Release Process, to publish a coming soon page or release a product.
Live Broadcast Allows the user to broadcast official live streams for your applications.