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Steam China
Valve has partnered with Perfect World to bring an onshore version of Steam to China, called Steam China (蒸汽平台). At this time, we are working with a select group of partners for releasing games on Steam China.

A prerequisite to publishing games on Steam China is receiving Chinese government approval for your game. Upon receiving approval, the Chinese publisher of your title will be issued an ISBN number, which will be displayed on your Steam China product page. Please note this prerequisite does not apply to non-gaming applications, which can be directly self-published.

If you have an existing ISBN number for your game, are currently undergoing the formal approval process with a Chinese publisher, or would like to publish a non-gaming app on Steam China, please submit a developer ticket along with the AppID of the app you are considering, and we can help you with next steps. If you have not yet started the approval process and would like to learn how Perfect World can partner with you as your local Chinese publisher to bring your game to Steam China, please stay tuned for more information.