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Microsoft XBox One Controller


The XBox One controller (XB1 for short), originally designed for Microsoft's XBox One home game console, was the second 3rd-party device to get official support in the Steam Controller Configurator (simultaneous with the XBox 360 controller and generic XInput devices). In contrast to the DS4 and VSC, it lacks both touchpad and gyroscope. A slight evolution of the XBox 360, it features identical input capabilities in a revised form factor.


The physical inputs are identical to the XBox 360 Controller (X360), with a few small cosmetic differences:

  • The face buttons have a darker color scheme
  • The DPAD has a more traditional form factor
  • The Xbox Guide button has a new design
  • The BACK and START buttons are now called VIEW and MENU and have new labels (two overlapping windows and a 3-line "hamburger menu"). These are identical in function to BACK and START on the X360 controller, they just have new names and icons.