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Package Pricing CSV Import/Export
In addition to tools built into Steamworks, the pricing for your game packages can also be managed by .csv file. You may find this useful if you need to update a lot of prices at once, or check for consistency of your pricing at certain price points.

This .csv is exported and imported via the main pricing dashboard found here:

Here are instructions and some tips on using the csv export/import on the bulk pricing tool.

Required Permissions

Please see Required Permissions For Editing Pricing.


To export a csv file of your existing pricing, you have two options:
  • Export all packages - You can export a sheet of all current prices for all packages you have permission to edit for your Steamworks partner.
  • Export filtered packages - You can apply filters to the visible grid of packages in order to export a subset of packages. This can be useful if you wish to focus on a subset of your packages, say for just one game or franchise. You can filter by entering text into the package name filter field, or by clicking on app names to collapse sections of the list.

How to export

To export a .csv file with your desired existing pricing:
  1. First apply any filtering as described above
  2. Next, click the "Import/Export CSV..." button at the top of your pricing dashboard
  3. Finally, if you have applied filters, you will see a button for 'download visible'. Otherwise, you will see a button for 'download all'. Make your selection and the file will start downloading.

Tips for .csv management

Once you have downloaded the csv, there are a lot of things you can do within a program like Microsoft Excel, such as sorting, filtering, removing rows, or running your own logic for generating currency conversions.

Here are a couple of helpful tips to keep in mind:
  • Reorder columns - You can change the order of columns without breaking the upload. Just make sure the first row in your file always has the right currency name for each column.

  • Removing rows or columns - You can remove rows or columns from the spreadsheet with two exceptions:
    • Don't remove the first row. It has the names of the currencies
    • Don't remove the "ID" column. That's the packageID and is critical for importing back into Steam

  • Decimals are important - The csv export will include decimals for currencies that need decimals. Some currencies will never display decimals, and thus are not included in the pricing tool or csv export.


When importing a .csv file back into Steam, you will see a preview of your changes before submitting. This gives you the opportunity to make sure you didn't mistakenly add another digit or misplace a decimal point.

How to import

To import your new or adjusted prices:
  1. Click the "Import/Export CSV..." button at the top of your pricing dashboard
  2. Next, click 'Upload csv' and choose your file from your computer hard drive
  3. The file will be uploaded and a preview of your changes will be displayed within the pricing dashboard. Scroll around the page a bit and look for any issues that have been highlighted such as missing decimals or accidentally low or high prices.