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Managing Applications


An important part of managing your Steamworks Partner account is deciding who has access to your Applications, and what type of access you'd like to give them. There are a few ways to grant others access to your applications.

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Method 1: Individual Steam Accounts/Groups

Using this method, you would create a group in your partner account that only includes access to specific Applications, and then directly add any individual Steam accounts to that group. This method has the following advantages:

  • You can explicitly set permissions for each individual user account.
  • You can control exactly which individual user accounts have access to your Application.

Potential disadvantages of this method:

  • All individual Steam account in your Steamworks Partner account will be given the Developer Comp packages, which grant play access to the default branch all Applications in your Partner account, regardless of group settings.
  • If an individual account is given the "View Financial Info" permission, they will have access to all financial data for all Applications, regardless of group.

Method 2: Multiple Steamworks Partner Accounts

This method may be useful when a publisher is sharing access with a development studio, or when both parties already have Steamworks partner accounts set up. To enable mutliple Steamworks Partner accounts on the same Application, please contact Valve.
This method has the following advantages:

  • You can limit financial access to a single Application.
  • You can prevent Developer Comp access to other Applications in your account.
  • You can delegate management of individual user accounts to the owner of the other Steamworks Partner account.

Potential disadvantages include:

  • Other than financial access, you will not be able to manage individual permissions - all Steamworks partners will have full access to manage the Application.

Ultimately how you choose to manage Applications in your account is up to you. There is no single correct way of doing it.