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Steam Inventory Item Tags
Item tags allow us to show the user an "Advanced Filter" dialog for items, including the inventory
and market search views. A player can quickly narrow a view down to items of a given rarity, or only items that apply to their character class.

To use tags, first define the categories and tags directly in the Item Definitions, then provide user-visible
localized strings in English and any other languages you plan to support. Tags that do not have at least an
English localization string will be ignored by inventory features.

The values used in the item definition should be short, simple text tokens. These tokens are used as a key to identify the localized strings in each language. The tokens will never be shown to the user directly.

Item Tag Localization

Once you've defined tags for your items, to make them visible to users you must provide user-visible translations
at least in English, but preferably in all supported languages. This can be set as part of your SteamWorks configuration, on the Inventory Service page for your application.


Item Tag Format

The tag field should be provided as a list of categorized tokens, separated by the ";" character.
Each token consists of a category token and a value token, separated by the ":" character.

<tag_list>: <tag_pair> { ";" <tag_pair> } <tag_pair>: <category_token> ":" <tag_token>

Item Tag Example

"tags":"class:elf;farms:potato;rarity:legendary;type:character;handed:ambi" ... "tags":"class:troll;farms:gold;rarity:common;type:character;handed:left"