Steamworks Documentation
DLC Store Presence
If you have a game with DLC available for purchase on Steam, it will automatically appear on your game's page and on a dedicated browsing page for all your game's DLC. These two areas include some options for you as the developer to customize how your DLC appears.

On Your Game's Store Page

On your game's store page, there is a specific place just below the purchase option which will display up to 4 DLC items. You can control which items appear here, by modifying the order of items in your edit store admin on the "Special Settings" tab. There will always be a 'see all' button in this area, which leads to a dedicated browsing page for your game's DLC.

On a dedicated DLC browse page

Any game that has DLC will automatically get a dedicated page for browsing that DLC. This offers lists for Top Selling, New Releases, Upcoming, and discounted and provides for ways to customize additional ways of organizing the DLC.


Default Appearance

This browse page will automatically list your DLC with a couple of default logic. Here is a general idea of what happens by default:
  • The page will first list out the items that you specified to appear on your base game's store page.
  • If those items of DLC all have at least 4 screenshots, then we’ll display all those items of DLC in big sections on the browse page, which shows the short description, price, and 4 screenshot.
  • If not all the items have at least 4 screenshots, then we fall back to just showing a row of capsules.


You can customize these pages with a similar set of options that you have for configuring your developer or publisher homepages.
  • You can create lists of n number of DLC if you want to define logical sets of DLC that should be grouped together to help players shop for that kind of content.
  • You can upload custom header image to give your page stronger branding or to draw greater attention to your latest DLC.
  • You can select sets of DLC to feature, including automatically populated sets such as Top Sellers, New Releases, Discounted, and Upcoming. Or you can feature an individual item or a list that you created.
  • You can also edit the set of tags in the tabbed area to hide irrelevant tags and apply tags that make sense for sorting your collection of DLC.
  • Social media links that you set for your base game will appear at the top of your DLC browse page. To set these links, visit the 'basic info tab in your edit store section of Steam.


  • What does the follow button do?

    Clicking 'follow' at the top of the DLC browse page is the same as clicking 'follow' on your game page. Announcements that you as a developer post for this game will then appear in the activity feed of players that follow your game.