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Artwork Overrides
In addition to your default capsule images, we’ve introduced a new tool to help you promote updates. Artwork Overrides allow you to upload bespoke capsule images to market something specific in your game, and then have those special images automatically expire after a set timespan. Artwork Overrides are the only way to include text about major game updates, tournaments, or other time-sensitive events on your capsules.

In brief

Artwork Override & General Asset Rules

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please see Graphical Asset Rules for important rules on what can and cannot be included in your graphical asset capsules.

Setting up

Artwork Overrides are configured from your store page Graphical Assets tab.

  1. Begin by uploading your normal default capsule images—check the Store Assets documentation for detailed instructions.

  2. Once you have default images uploaded, you can create an Artwork Override. Navigate to the Graphical Assets tab of your game’s store page admin, and click “Create a new Artwork Override.”


  3. Next, choose a relevant name for your Artwork Override, pick a start and end time, and click the green Save Changes button.


  4. With your new temporary artwork override selected from the drop-down, you can drag and drop your images into the blue upload box and click Upload. You’ll see your new custom images in the page below. Then, publish your changes and your capsule art will automatically override during your selected timespan. At the end time, your capsule art will automatically revert back to the default images.

Artwork Overrides work with localized assets just like normal capsule art, so you can even localize your bespoke capsules to make your event or update understandable to as many customers as possible.

Best Practices & Tips

Some common scenarios you may encounter:

  1. It can be a great idea to time your content updates and artwork overrides with a game discount.

  2. If you are coordinating an artwork override with a discount, you should schedule your artwork override to start 5 minutes before the discount kicks off to ensure that your new artwork gets picked up and included in any wishlist email that goes out.

  3. The Header capsule is used in the Daily Deal spot and in many lists throughout the store.

  4. The Main capsule is used on wishlist emails.


Here are a few examples of capsules that would work well for temporary artwork overrides. You can see there is a wide variety in presentations and styles for these updates, expansions, DLC or other news, but they are all fairly concise.