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Developer Refund Reporting
Within the Steam Sales & Activations Reports website, you can find stats on the refunds of your game, including the notes that players provide when they request a refund. You can use this information to help figure out if there is particular work you can do on your game to address bugs, balance gameplay, or better set player expectations ahead of time.

For the Steam refund policy details, please see

Accessing Your Game's Refund Stats

  1. Visit the Sales & Activations Reports website here:
  2. Select a specific package that you wish to view refund data for
  3. Under the "Links" section to the right of the package page, click "Refund Data"

Stats Explained

You can select between recent week/month/lifetime to see various views of your refund activity. The data provided is made up of general refund numbers and a rate, as well as reasons that players have specified when seeking a refund.

Refund Rate

The refund rate is simply the number of units returned in a given period divided by the number of units purchased in that period. Refund rates can vary considerably from game to game depending on that game's history, launch, price, player expectations, and many other factors. The reasons that players indicate then are useful for understanding some of the factors that might go into the refund rate your game has.

The week view may be quite volatile, especially in the weeks following the launch of your game and after discounts.

So you are likely to see higher rates following a discount where sales of the game may have dropped back to lower levels but some number of the players that purchased during the sale are seeking refunds.

Refund Reasons

When viewing refunds, you can look at details of what players had to say when they requested a refund. These are initially broken down by category, which you can expand to see specific written notes left by players.