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Autogrant Packages


By default, an appID gets three packages when it is created. One for selling on Steam/CD-keys, one for external beta testing, and one that is automatically granted to your Steamworks account, also known as your autogrant package. This package is named with your app name, appended with "Developer Comp".

Managing Autogrants

Previously autogrants were assigned at a partner level, with only Valve admins being able to add or remove them after they were set. This meant it was impossible for you to have some accounts with access to an autogrant package while restricting it from others. Everyone in your partner got all autogrants, regardless of what Steamworks access they had on the appID in the package. It also meant that if you wanted to remove an autogrant, you had to contact someone at Valve.

But we recently changed it so autogrants are set at a group level instead. With this change, we've also made it so you can add or remove autogrant packages when managing your groups.

By default, autogrant packages are assigned to the Everyone group. This is the same group that all appIDs and users are assigned to as well. Only accounts with the Partner-level permission Manage Users are able to add or remove autogrants from a group.

To add to remove an autogrant, navigate to the group you want to edit. For removing an autogrant, hover over the package under the "Autogrants" section and click the red X. For adding an autogrant, click "Add Autogrant", in the Edit Group section, then either search for the package by name or packageID.

Keep in mind that autogrants do not automatically follow an appID when it is moved to different groups. So if you want to make sure not everyone in your partner gets an autogrant, be sure to remove it from the "Everyone" group (or the group that the appID is being removed from), and then add it to the appropriate group.

Testing Autogrants

For testing autogrants, use the Steam console commands disable_license and enable_license, as described here.