Steamworks Documentation
Setup instructions for the VR arcade model

Create and add your dedicated VR accounts

  • First, please go ahead and create one Steam account per VR station that will be used at the location. Create the new Steam accounts here. Make sure to write down account name and email address used; you will need this later to register the accounts with your commercially licensed account.
  • Once the accounts have been created, you will need to go back to the Steamworks website (make sure you're logged in with your master account) and go to the "Users & Permissions" menu option and select "Manage Users". On this page go ahead and click the "Add User" button and add the station's account. Don't give it any special permissions.

    Adding the station's account to your licensed master account is required in order to view and purchase commercial licenses with the individual station's Steam account.

Purchase games for commercial use on Steam

Only games specifically mentioned for commercial use on Steam can be offered to your customers and patrons. Commercial game licenses can be found by visiting a game's individual Steam store page. The commercial license and details about it will be displayed right under the regular end user purchase option on the game's store page. You can browse through our license catalog on the Steam PC Cafe content page.

With the VR arcade model you will need to purchase game licenses with the station's individual Steam account directly - once purchased, they cannot be transferred or used by another station. You will need one game license per account.