Steamworks Documentation
Graphical Assets
As part of the release process on Steam, you will be required to deliver various graphical assets for your product. These are displayed in different places on the Steam store and in customer's libraries.

Standard Assets

Following are standard assets required for every product release on Steam. All provided assets should be in PNG format.


Download Photoshop templates for the specific sized images here:


Capsule Guidelines

  • Store page capsule images should contain a readable product logo/name and have accurate dimensions.
  • Capsule images should not contain URLs or operating system/platform/store logos.
  • Capsule images should have PG-13 appropriate artwork.

Header Capsule

Usage: This appears at the top of the store page, in the 'Recommended For You' section, in 'Grid View' in the Steam client, in browse views on Big Picture mode, and for Daily Deals if applicable.

Design: This image should focus on the branding of your product. For best results, please use the same artwork that you use for any retail box or marketing and make sure the logo is clearly legible.

Size: Please provide '460px x 215px' . A '292px x 136px' image will be automatically generated from this.

Small Capsule

Usage: These are used for all the lists throughout Steam. Search results, top-sellers, new releases, etc.

Design: These are small, so for best results focus on making the logo clearly legible.

Size: Please provide '231px x 87px' image. From that, two smaller sizes (120x45 and 184x69) capsules are automatically generated.

Requirements: Small Capsule should contain readable logo, even at smallest size. In most cases, this means your logo should nearly fill the small capsule.

Main Capsule

Usage: This image appears at the top of the Steam store home page in the Main Capsule carousel.

Design: For best results, please use the key art and logo that is being used for any retail boxes or marketing. Avoid using quotes or other strings of text beyond the title of your game. The game's logotype should be easily legible against the background. The art used for them should immediately tell the customer something important about the game. It should be graphically-centric and give the user some sense of the game-play .Avoid placing the logo/title in the lower right corner of the capsule image where it might be obscured by promotional overlays.

Size: 616px x 353px

Community Assets

Community Icon

Usage: This small icon is used in the upper-left corner the store page and community hub pages for your application. This icon will not appear properly on your store page until your app is published as 'Coming Soon' or as fully released.
Note: The Community Icon can be automatically generated from the Client Icon .ico file.

Size: 32px x 32px JPG

Client Icon

Usage: This icon is used when creating desktop shortcuts to launch your application. This icon can be used to supply the community icon and client image if desired.

Size: 32px x 32px ICO. You can also submit an ICO file with multiple sizes to accommodate scaling on different resolutions.

Community Capsule

Usage: These capsules are used in the Steam Community when showing recent playtime on a user's profile and when listing out apps on their wishlist. Typically, this is the same small capsule that you upload to your store page. This capsule asset is also displayed in the Steam Client Library List View.

Size: 184px x 69px JPG


Usage: Screenshots are displayed on your store page, and on other pages where your game may be featured such as the Steam homepage. You must provide at least 5 screenshots of your product.


  • Formatting - For best results, please provide screenshots in high-res, widescreen format. Any images you upload to the ‘screenshot’ section of your store page should be screenshots that show your game. This means avoiding using concept art, pre-rendered cinematic stills, or images that contain awards, marketing copy, or written product descriptions. For elements such as marketing copy, awards you’d like to show off, or descriptions of your Deluxe Edition, please use the specific spaces already available on your store page rather than including it in your screenshots.

  • Localizing - To upload localized versions of a screenshot, drag and drop alternative versions on to an existing screenshot's thumbnail. Language name can be used as a suffix to hint to the UI which language this screenshot should be in (For example, foo_japanese.jpg)

  • Mature Content - If your game has mature content, you should mark at least four screenshots as being suitable for all ages. Suitable screenshots should not contain gore, violence, or suggestive themes. These screenshots may be shown outside of your store page, such as on the front page. If you do not have enough screenshots flagged, your game may not appear in these places, even if it otherwise qualifies.

Size: 1280x720 or 1920x1080

Page Background

Usage: This is the image that may be used in the background of your store page.

Design: This should be ambient so as not to compete with the content on the page. A template will automatically be applied to your uploaded file. If you don't upload your own, we'll automatically take the last screenshot and generate an appropriate background image from that.

Size: 1438px x 810px

Bundle Assets

Bundles use the same set of assets as other products on Steam, with one addition:

Package Header Image

Usage: This image appears at the top of the bundle detail page on Steam.

Design: This image should focus on the branding of your product. For best results, please use the same artwork that you use for any retail box or marketing and make sure the logo is clearly legible.

Size: 707px x 232px

Artwork Overrides

Artwork Overrides allow you to upload bespoke capsule images to market something specific in your game, and then have those special images automatically expire after a set timespan. We recommend you use this tool for major game updates, tournaments, or other time-sensitive events.

See Artwork Overrides documentation for more details