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SteamVR Input


SteamVR Input is an API that makes it easy to support a variety of controllers and input devices in your VR application, without needing to think about supporting each controller separately.

For device makers, SteamVR Input enables you to support many SteamVR applications without needing developers to build support for your device.

You can read more about SteamVR Input here.

SteamVR Input is provided as part of the OpenVR SDK. You can read more here:

If your application does not support SteamVR Input natively, you can still create bindings for it and share those with the community. For more information, see our guide:

You can read about building using the SteamVR Input System and the SteamVR Unity Plugin here:

Skeletal Input

The Skeletal Input system will allow controller makers to capture the pose of the user’s hand as accurately as their sensors are able, and provide it as a stream of animation data to the running app. App developers can then use this stream to animate the hands of the user’s avatar on its own or in combination with their own animations.

You can read more about Skeletal Input here