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Events and Announcements Visibility Stats Reporting
For each event and across all of your events, you can view statistics for how many times your event appeared in various locations across Steam and how many times players clicked to view that particular event.


Counting 'Impressions' - When an event banner or image is visible on a user's screen, we count an impression for that event.

Counting 'Clicks' - Clicking on events from any of these locations will open the pop-up viewer to scroll through all past events. The statistics for 'clicks' currently only count the view of the event that was clicked on, not any other events that the user may scroll past in that pop-up viewer.

Event Impression Locations

Here is a quick run-down of what each location refers to:

Library Home Page Impressions - This is when your event appears in the row of "What's New" section at the top of the Steam Library Home. Not all of your customers will see your event, as they may not sign in to Steam during the time where your event is valid, or they may have many other games posting events around the same time. Events are shown here to each user based on what games they have been playing or played. We count an impression for each event shown in this space to a particular user.

Library App Detail Spotlight Impressions - App Details is your game's page in the Steam Library. The Spotlight position is a specific banner that you can display just below the Play or Install button on this page. In order for an event to be shown here, you need to supply a 'spotlight' artwork. We count an impression for this spotlight banner if the library page is loaded and spotlight banner is visible to the player.

Library App Detail Activity Feed Impressions - App Detail Activity Feed is the feed of events and friends activity that appears on your game's page in the Steam Library. This is the library page with the Play or Install button on it for your game. If the player scrolls down, they will see one or more of your recent events. We count an impression for each event that is visible on screen here.

Store Product Page Impressions - This is the section of your game's store page that displays recent updates and events. It will show a maximum of two at a time and excludes some events like patch notes and cross promotions. We count an impression for each event that is visible on the user's screen in this section.

Steam Community Impressions - Your events can appear on your community hub main page as well as on the 'news' tab within your community hub. On your default community tab, the most recent event appears pinned to the top and other events can be included further down the page. We count an impression when the event title and summary is visible on screen.

Notes on measurement and reporting

  • Updated stats are published every hour
  • Measurement is unique per user. Steam tracks the first place a player saw it and the first place they clicked on it.
  • Users that are not signed in to Steam are currently not counted in impressions or clicks