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A package is a collection of one or more applications and depots that can be sold via Steam or can be granted to users based on the activation of a Steam key. This can be thought of as an SKU or a license.

After a user purchases or activates a package, the contents of that package dictate which applications or depot contents the user has permission to download and launch.

Types of packages

Any new application created in the Steamworks system will by default be included in a new package with which that application can be sold via Steam and can have keys generated against it.
  • Store + CD-Key Package (Default): All new applications in the Steamworks system come with this type of package by default. This lets you sell your app in the Steam store as well as generate CD Keys that unlock the exact same content if you wish.
  • Store Package: This is a package that can only be sold on the Steam store
  • CD Key Package: This is a package that can only have CD Keys generated against it
  • Release Override "Beta Testing" Package: This package is automatically created along with your Application. Content in Release Override packages is specially flagged to ignore the current release state of the Application and make it immediately playable. These packages are useful to give to testers, press, or other groups that need to play your game before it's officially released to the public.
  • Developer Comp Package: This package is similar to the "Beta Testing" packages, but is meant to be used by developer accounts. You should not publicly distribute keys to Developer Comp packages. This package is autogranted to accounts in the "Everyone" group in your Steamworks partner accounts, and like "Beta Testing" packages, make any content inside of it immediately playable regardless of the Release State. Developer Comp packages are also useful for testing with accounts which aren’t in your Steamworks partner group, and testing new Depot content on released products.
Note: It is not possible to create packages that grant multiple copies of an application (e.g. "4-packs"). While there are legacy examples of this on Steam, they are no longer being created.

Please visit the Steam Keys documentation to learn more on how to request keys.

Editing packages

A package is accessible and editable by users that have permissions to edit Steamworks Metadata for every app contained in that package. Users that have been promoted to 'admin' status within a Steamworks partner account will also have permissions to edit these packages.

How to edit

  1. Select an application from your Steamworks home page, or from your list of all applications to go to the landing page for that application
  2. Once on an application landing page, click the item that says "All Associated Packages, DLC, Demos And Tools"
  3. That takes you to a page where you can see all packages that contain your application.
  4. You can then click on each package (in the "Store packages" section and in the "Promotional or special-use packages") to go to the landing page for each package.
  5. On that landing page, you’ll see a section that says "Apps Included"
    You can hit "Add Application" and then pick one or more applications to add
  6. Another dialogue will come up immediately afterward, asking you to confirm adding the associated depots as well
  7. From this landing page, you can also change the name of a package at any time

Editing unreleased packages

For packages that have not yet been released, users with the above permissions will be able to add or remove applications and depots in that package. Doing this, will effect which products are granted to users when they do eventually purchase or activate keys that unlock that package, so be thoughtful in your actions. You will not be able to remove the last application in a package, as the permission to access a package is gated on the contents of the package.
Note: If you remove an App ID but not all of the depots associated with that App ID from a package, the depot ID will be listed as "Unknown Depot". Leaving an "Unknown Depot" in a package can cause a mismatch of packages or grant content that you may not have intended to grant.

Editing released packages

For packages that have already been released (either listed for sale, or have had keys generated against them), you will not be able to remove applications. However, users with the permissions described above can freely add or remove depots at any time or add applications, which should allow you to ship additional languages, platforms, or mod tools for your application any time you wish. Be aware that any depots added to an active package will be granted immediately to any users that own that package. Similarly, removing depots may break applications if that content is required in order to run the products in the package.

Gifting of packages

Steam allows you to sell products in a variety of currencies and price points across the globe. Our suggested prices vary slightly from region to region, with the goals of providing fair prices for customers. We therefore limit gifting from lower-priced regions (e.g. South-East Asia) to higher-priced regions (e.g. North America).