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Sony PlayStation DUALSHOCK 4 Controller


The DUALSHOCK 4 controller (DS4 for short), originally designed for Sony's PlayStation 4, was the first 3rd-party device to get official support in the Steam Controller Configurator. It shares certain features with the VSC that are lacking in the XInput standard (touchpad & gyroscope), while hewing to a more traditional twin-stick form factor that some players prefer.


The DUALSHOCK 4 has all the same physical features available to XInput controllers, as well as:

  • A central touchpad
  • An internal gyroscope
  • A programmable LED light bar

Face buttons

The DUALSHOCK 4 Controller features four standard face buttons labeled with a SQUARE, a CROSS, a TRIANGLE, and a CIRCLE.

NOTE FOR DEVELOPERS: In the West, the "CROSS" button is typically used for "confirm" and the "CIRCLE" button for "back/cancel", but the convention in Japan is reversed. When publishing your official configurations you might consider making appropriately labeled Western and Japanese variants for the DUALSHOCK 4 Controller


Analog, 2 axes (+ digital "click")
Like most other gamepads, the DUALSHOCK 4 Controller features two analog joysticks, on the left and right side. Unlike other controllers, they are not vertically offset. Like most modern joysticks, the sticks themselves can be clicked in as additional digital buttons.



The SHARE and OPTIONS buttons are on either side of the central touchpad. Although the SHARE button is reserved on the PS4 console, it is not on the PC when using the Steam Controller Configurator. Both buttons can be freely used by games & applications.

NOTE: SHARE and OPTIONS correspond to SELECT and START on previous PlayStation Controller models.

L1 and R1 (Shoulder buttons)

The shoulder buttons are pretty standard.


L2 and R2 (Shoulder triggers)

Analog, 1 axis (each)
Unlike the Valve Steam Controller, the L2 and R2 analog triggers on the DS4 Controller do not have a distinct digital "click" at the end of the normal analog range distinguishing a "full pull" from a "soft pull". From a hardware perspective they are purely analog input devices. However, the Steam Controller Configurator is able to fix this; the player may set a threshold that distinguishes a "full pull" from a "soft pull."


Digital pad

The DS4 features a fairly standard digital pad, or DPAD. Physically this counts as four separate digital buttons, but with a physical feature that makes it impossible to press both buttons on the same axis at the same time.



Analog, 2 axes

The DS4 features a single large rectangular (non-haptic) touchpad on the top of the device. It has a high resolution touch surface as well as digital click functionality. The Steam Controller Configurator is able to treat this as either two separate touch regions (dividing it into left and right halves), or as one large unified touch surface. Any of these configurations can be used in the same way as the VSC's touchpads, with the exception of haptic feedback.


Gyro sensor

Analog, 3 axes

Like the Steam Controller, the DS4 also has a built-in gyro sensor with similar functionality, and likewise has 3 axes of motion (pitch, yaw, and roll).