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Daily Deals


Daily Deals are a curated promotion on Steam, offered to games that fit the criteria described below. Games selected as Daily Deals are featured on the Steam homepage, applicable tag and genre pages and may also be featured on Steam social media channels.


Daily Deal Eligibility

Since Daily Deals appear prominently in the Steam Store and are visible to broad swaths of customers, we need to have confidence that these offers will be interesting to a broad set of customers. Therefore, we judge eligibility for daily deals based on demonstrated customer interest or trending momentum in revenue over the past few months. The threshold shifts over time based on how many games are demonstrating strong revenue, but typically the games that qualify have hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue over the past few months. This eligibility also assumes that the game is ready to run a compelling discount, and may be adjusted if there are other factors in play such as a planned major update, a new discount depth, a launch of a DLC, or the release of the game into 1.0.

If you think this roughly describes your game, please feel free to contact us here and ask about running a Daily Deal for your game.

Visibility & Duration

Two or more Daily Deals are displayed on the front page of Steam and may also be featured on appropriate tag pages (RPG, Simulation, VR, etc). From the set of active Daily Deals, Steam will prioritize which ones are surfaced first to each user depending on each players' play history and selected language.

Daily Deal discounts can be between 7 and 14 days in duration, depending on what you choose when scheduling. See Self-Schedule (Beta) below for details on scheduling.

Asset Used

Daily Deals use the same header capsule that appears on your game's store page in the upper-right corner.

Self-Schedule (Beta)

The ability for a developer/publisher to schedule their Daily Deal on the calendar is now in beta. If a game has been determined that it is eligible for a Daily Deal, Valve will send an invite to contacts for that game that have Receive Steamworks Communication and Manage Pricing & Discounts permissions.

The Daily Deal invite will expire 30 days after being sent, regardless if it was read. Upon receiving the invite, partners can then go to the Daily Deal calendar and choose a day (within the next 6 months) to schedule their Daily Deal. After the day is chosen, a discount event will automatically be created for the Daily Deal. For the Daily Deal to go live a discount must be entered.

A status of the Daily Deal will be shown in the Daily Deal Management page.

How Does This Work?

  • Select an available date within the next 6 months that works for you.
  • The visibility on the Steam homepage and applicable tag pages runs for 24 hours , while the discount will be active for between 7 and 14 days depending on the discount length you selected. It will start at 10am Pacific time on your selected date.
  • When you select an available date, it will prompt you to enter a discount percentage and select which packages you wish to include in the promotion.
  • We ask that you pick a discount % that is at least as good as the best discount you have run in the past, if not better.
  • If you are not ready to schedule your Daily Deal right now, the invite will be on your Daily Deal Dashboard. Please keep the expiration date in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What discount should I run for my Daily Deal?

A: The Daily Deal is meant to be special and for a short window. Because of this, we recommend going with the largest discount that you have run to-date, or at a minimum, matching your best discount. You also shouldn't feel obligated to continue raising your discount after this special promotion. It's fine to step back down to a lower discount percentage during your next sale.

Q: This will be the first discount/promotion for my game. What discount should I run?

A: If this is your first discount, it's totally fine to go within the range of 15 to 25% for this deal. Keep in mind that a discount of 20%+ will also trigger Steam wishlist notifications, which can help boost additional visibility.

Q: How can I maximize the success of my Daily Deal?

  • Time with an update. Pairing a Daily Deal feature with a content update or a special event can be very effective. The Daily Deal feature displays your game's Header Capsule image, so you can also temporarily switch it out using Artwork Overrides to shine some additional light on your new update or event. Also, don't forget to activate an update visibility round to support the content update of the game, if applicable.
  • Stream to your store page. Livestreaming is a good way to drive engagement and showcase your game. Take advantage of the increased traffic by showcasing your game with a live broadcast. You can read instructions here: Livestreaming
  • Make an announcement. This can be about the event or the new game content update. Not really related to the Daily Deal, but definitely something you can do to further elevate the deal. Read more about Steam event tools here.

Q: It's 10AM PT and my Daily Deal is not showing up. What should I do?

A: Please reach out to us right away via the partner Help tool:

Q: I received an invite for a Daily Deal, but...

  1. I can't redeem it
    A: You may not have the correct permissions to schedule a Daily Deal. You'll need Manage Pricing & Discounts permissions. An admin in your Steamworks partner group can grant that permission to you (you can find a list of your group's admins in the right column of the Steamworks dashboard).
  2. It's expired
    A: An invite to schedule a Daily Deal expires after 30 days of being sent.
  3. It's already redeemed
    A: A colleague with similar permissions has already scheduled the Daily Deal. You can see it on your Daily Deal Management page.
  4. I scheduled my Daily Deal, but need to cancel or move it.
    A: If you need to change your date, cancel or have questions - Contact us here