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Event Type: Major Update
Within the Steam Events & Announcements tools, there are three levels of category for game updates, which each work a little differently: Patch Notes, Regular Updates, and Major Updates. For details on Patch Notes, please see Event Type: Small Update / Patch Notes

What is a Major Update?

Major Updates are designed for use in communicating your biggest game updates and signaling to players that this is one of the biggest moments in the year for your game.

Major Update Visibility

Major update type events can appear in all the regular places, including store page, community hub and Steam Library. These posts will show up to players that follow your game and will qualify to show up in the "What's New" section for your fans at the top of the Steam Library homepage.

  1. Library "What's New" section - This section appears at the top of the Steam Library to show players what's happening in the games they play. The visibility of your event here will vary slightly from player to player depending on which games they play, how recently, how much they play, and personalization settings they have set.


  2. Your game's library page - Major Updates will show up in the list of all events on your game's library page. Additionally, you can choose to 'feature' the event (see below for details) to have it appear more prominently.


  3. Your game's store page - Major Updates will appear as one of the two events shown on your game's store page.


  4. Store homepage "Recently Updated" section - If you use an Update Visibility Round, your Major Update can be shown on the homepage to players and wishlisters of your game.


  5. News Hub - Owners and Followers of your game can see your posts in their News Hub. See your own Steam News Hub.


  6. Your game's community hub - Your own game's community hub surfaces your posts, alongside community-generated content.

Posting Major Updates

To post about your major update, visit your app's landing page in Steamworks and scroll down to "Post/Manage Events & Announcements". Clicking that option will take you to a screen to select the type of event you wish to post. You can click on "A Game Update" to expand the options and then select "Major Update".

Minimum Requirements

Major Updates are designed to be prominent and exciting posts, intended to get your player base excited about new content added to the game. With that in mind, you'll want to prepare a bit more content for your post ahead of time.

Event TitleRequiredThe name of your update
Event DescriptionRequiredRich, formatted description of your update, including images showing the new content.
Event Cover ImageRequired800px x 450px - Artwork and marketing copy for your event or announcement
See details
Event Header ImageOptional1920px wide x 622px - Event artwork and logo. See template for clipping requirements.
See details

Download Image Templates

Beyond these minimum requirements, you may want to craft the body of the post itself to include lots of images, video, and rich description of the update. You can use BBCode to format your post, and our tools support a number of ways of embedding interesting content within the post.