Steamworks Documentation
Embeddable Widgets
Here are the list of URLs that will transform into widget when your fans read your events or announcement. Simply write the URL in a plain fashion, and they will automatically convert when the event is shown in the store, community or library. You can see them when you preview your event to ensure that the URL is well formatted.


YouTube URL in the following format will automatically transform into an embed that shows the poster image, view count and short summary. When a user interacts with the player, it will expand and provide them the native YouTube controls.<video id><video id>

For example, using the Video ID of 'UUn-ET4vv1s' we would see the following widget in your event.


Note: With YouTube, we have a few additional formatting options via the [previewyoutube] tag accessible via the toolbar's import YouTube icon.

Store Product Page

Inserting the URL for your Steam store product page will inject a widget that will let users wishlist (if coming soon), buy or play (if free-to-play) your game right from the event page. This is useful when promoting upcoming or launched DLCs.

However, this should be used sparingly, as events will also appear to your existing fan in the library, who already have your game in their library. While great to announce new DLC over a short time; always placing your game at the footer of the event will likely annoy your fans.<appid>

Below is an example of how Portal 2 will render when inserting the URL into a Steam store page:


Workshop and Community Items

Inserting a link to any workshop item or community item (artwork, screenshot, game guide etc...) will render as a clickable widget your event or announcement. This is a great way to highlight and sharing the great contributions your community is making about your game.<file id>

For example, here are a few examples from Portal 2's Workshop and Community Hub. You can find the URLs needed by clicking the item in the Hub and going to their page, or by clicking the "Share" button on any item in the Steam Community.


Preview Events and Announcements

Similar to community items, you can insert a link to a previously published event or announcement. This is great way to link the previous posting that is part of a series or another type of past event that is related to the current event.<appid or vanity>/announcements/detail/<gid><appid>/announcements/detail/<gid><official game group's 64-bit steamid>/announcements/detail/<gid>

You can find the URL by hitting the 'Share' button on that previous event. It is perfectly fine to cross list to an event of another game too. Here is an example of the first Portal 2 update event.


It might be fun to share an epic moment from your gaming sessions in your game's announcements. One way is to embed a short clip via; it becomes instantly playable, loopable and further shareable by your fans.<clip id>

You can grab a clip by hitting copy link from the clips page. Here is an example of what this clip embedded on an events page looks like

Medal offers customization options to add things such as a "Get this on Steam" button to your clips. You can view the clip documentation here.



It is possible to share awesome 3D models that the development team or that your community have created in a way that is easily explorable by your fan. We use a service called Sketchfab to host the models and to render them into the browser for people to explore.

You can simply put the URL to the model directly into the event body.<model id>

That would automatically generate a summary block about the 3D model in the event description. This summary includes the items name and authors name.


Then when a user clicks on the summary it will expand into an interactive 3D item explorer. The explorer will let the user zoom and rotate the model and jump to other models that the author has created. Great way to share ideas with your community.