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Steamworks Web API Reference
Welcome to the Steamworks Web API Reference!

Here you will find a complete listing of the currently supported Web API interfaces and methods.

To learn more about how to use the Steamworks Web API please see the Web API Overview.

If you are using the client API in your application, then you can find documentation for that on the Steamworks API Reference.

IBroadcastServiceProvides access to Steam broadcasts.
ICheatReportingServiceThis service allows your game to report cheats and cheaters to the VAC system and provides the toolset behind the Game Bans system.
ICloudServiceSteam Cloud API for use with cross-platform saves.
IEconMarketServiceProvides restricted access to the Steam Market for partners.
IEconServiceAdditional Steam Economy methods that provide access to Steam Trading.
IGameInventoryThe primary interface to interact with the Steam Economy.
IGameNotificationsServiceThis is the interface used to interact with Game Notifications.
IGameServersServiceMethods to improve the administration of Steam Game Servers.
IInventoryServiceThis is the interface used to access the Steam Inventory Service.
ILobbyMatchmakingServiceThis is the interface used to access the Steam Lobby Service.
IPlayerServiceProvides additional methods for interacting with Steam Users.
IPublishedFileServiceProvides additional methods for interacting with Steam Workshop items.
ISteamAppsUsed to access data about applications on Steam.
ISteamCommunityProvides restricted access to Steam Community features.
ISteamEconomyA secondary interface to interact with the Steam Economy.
ISteamGameServerStatsInterface to get and interact with game server stats.
ISteamLeaderboardsUsed to access Steam leaderboards.
ISteamMicroTxnSandboxExposes the ISteamMicroTxn interface with a dummy database for development and testing purposes.
ISteamMicroTxnThis is the interface used to support Microtransactions (In-Game Purchases).
ISteamNewsProvides access to the Steam News functionality.
ISteamPublishedItemSearchAllows partners to globally search the content of their Steam Workshop.
ISteamPublishedItemVotingAllows partners to access the voting information of the content in their Steam Workshop.
ISteamRemoteStoragePrimary interface for interacting with the Steam Workshop and User Generated Content (UGC).
ISiteLicenseServiceAPIs for the Steam Site License program (commercial licenses for multi-user sites such as PC Cafes, VR Arcades, Universities, etc)
ISteamUserAuthUsed to access information about users.
ISteamUserStatsUsed to access information about users.
ISteamUserUsed to access information and interact with users.
ISteamWebAPIUtilProvides miscellaneous Web API related functionality through utility methods.
IWorkshopServiceAdditional Steam Workshop service methods for publishers. See ISteamRemoteStorage to interact with Steam Workshop items directly.