Steamworks Documentation
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where do I find the commercial game licenses?

    Commercial game licenses and special offers can be found on the PC Café Games page on Steam. Here you can stay up to date with popular café titles, see what's being played in arcades around the world and access available special offers. In order to view and purchase the commercial game licenses, you must be logged in with a Steam account that has previously signed the PC Café Agreement. Commercial game licenses can then be found by visiting the game's individual store page - the license will be displayed right under the regular end user purchase option.

  • Can I purchase more than one commercial game license at a time and receive a bulk discount?

    Commercial accounts will have access on Steam to purchase commercial copies of any game where the publisher is offering a commercial copy. During the purchase process you will be able to enter the quantity of the commercial game you wish to purchase and any applicable volume discounts will be applied at the time of purchase. Bulk discounts are set by the publisher of the game directly.

  • Are all games on Steam available through the PC Café Program?

    No, only games where the publisher/developer has expressly included them in our Café program, whether they are available for free or with a charge. It is up to the publisher/developer to decide if they want to participate in the program and they are responsible for setting the commercial price.

  • Does the Café Program work for schools and universities?

    Yes. We designed the Café Program to be as flexible as possible. Many universities are using the program right now. We understand that some educational environments require limited access to specific social features and game content. We have added some school specific features such as the ability to hide all games in the Steam library except for those that the local server owns a commercial license and other features that closely mimic our Steam Family View feature. These features are available in Steamworks and can be turned on by the site license admin.

  • Can I refund purchases of commercial game licenses?

    The refund policy is currently set up to closely mimic the consumer version (2 weeks/2 hours). Site license accounts will be able to purchase commercial packages multiple times or in quantity so the 2 weeks/2 hours clock starts ticking at the first purchase event. For example, if they purchased L4D and then 3 weeks later purchased another copy of L4D, a refund request would be denied because the first copy is more than 2 weeks old. If they instead purchased their second copy only 1 week after the first copy, both purchases could be refunded provided there was less than 2 combined hours of playtime on the licenses.

  • Will my location need to be online all the time?

    Yes, the PC Café Server and the clients need to be able to communicate with Steam for it to manage the licenses and allow users to play. We will not support “offline” mode within the program.

  • Will the pool of commercial game licenses be usable across all the PCs in my location?

    We will have no limit on the number of PCs that the pool of commercial game licenses can be used across so as long they are all on the same network where the authorized Café Server is located.

  • How do I set up the Steam PC Café Server and enable content cache?

    Instructions on how to set up the server and frequently asked questions around it can be found here.

  • How can I add my VAT ID to my license agreement?

    If your business operates in a country where you need to have your VAT Registration Number added to receipts for purchases of commercial content on Steam look for the Company Details option on the Steamworks page. There you will be able to add your number by clicking the question mark next to the VAT entry. Note that this option is only available in certain countries where it is a requirement.

  • Can commercial game licenses in the license pool be VAC banned?

    VAC bans will be assigned to the account that was using the game at the time of the infraction. VAC bans in your Cafe will result in a commercial license removal. We highly recommend that the location owner discourages cheating as a high number of bans associated with accounts used in the location may result in removal from the licensing program.