Steamworks Documentation
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will my location need to be online all the time?

    Yes, the Site License Server and the clients need to be able to communicate with Steam for it to manage the licenses and allow users to play. We will not support “offline” mode within the program.

  • Will the pool of commercial licenses be usable across all the PCs in my location?

    We will have no limit on the number of PCs that the pool of commercial licenses can be used across so as long they are all on the same network where the authorized Site License Server is located.

  • Are there any special requirements for the type of hardware I use for the Site License Server?

    No, the software just needs to run on a Windows 7 or Windows 10 PC which is secure and connected to the location’s network. If you are also using the Site License Server as a content server cache we recommend that it has enough storage to support 1TB of content data. You need to make sure the server is secure and that you do not allow connections outside of your network.

  • Are all games on Steam available for commercial licensing?

    No, only games where the publisher/developer has expressly included them in our licensing program whether they are available for free or with a charge. It is up to the publisher/developer to decide if they want to participate in the program and they are responsible for setting the commercial price.

  • After each customer session I re-image the PC, what will happen to the customer’s Steam data?

    Since the customer is using their own Steam account all saved game data, achievements, awards, downloadable content, items, and purchases will be saved with the Steam account and uploaded to the cloud on exit to be reloaded the next time the customer logs into their account.

  • Does the program support locations configured with a central storage server to reduce Steam update traffic?

    Yes, we support cafes that use either a central storage server or a remote mount configuration in their cafe. We understand the need to limit the amount of update traffic and have added features to the Steam client and the Site License Server to support these locations.

  • Can I refund purchases of commercial game licenses?

    The refund policy is currently set up to closely mimic the consumer version (2 weeks/2 hours). Site license accounts will be able to purchase commercial packages multiple times or in quantity so the 2 weeks/2 hours clock starts ticking at the first purchase event. For example, if they purchased L4D and then 3 weeks later purchased another copy of L4D, a refund request would be denied because the first copy is more than 2 weeks old. If they instead purchased their second copy only 1 week after the first copy, both purchases could be refunded provided there was less than 2 combined hours of playtime on the licenses.

  • How can I add my VAT ID?

    If your business operates in a country where you need to have your VAT Registration Number added to receipts for purchases of commercial content on Steam look for the View and edit company information link on the home page. There you will be able to add your number by clicking the question mark next to the VAT entry. Note that this option is only available in certain countries.