Steamworks Documentation
Top Sellers Lists
Steam has various top sellers lists throughout the store, including the most prominent one on the homepage of Steam. You can also find them when browsing any individual tag, theme, or genre, scoped to that particular category.

Home page Top Sellers List

This list appears on the Steam home page, showing the top 10 items selling on Steam right now.


Search Results

The home page top sellers lists links to complete lists, which are shown in the Steam search results page.

Tag, Genre, Theme, Category pages

Each individual tag, genre, theme, or category browse page on Steam also has a top sellers list that is appropriate for that category. For example, on the Building and Automation category page, you'll find a top sellers list of just those games.

Steam Charts

Steam also has a dedicated 'Charts' section that includes real-time top sellers charts as well as weekly top sellers lists.


How they work

Real-time charts based on all revenue

Top Sellers lists are generated automatically based on all revenue sources for a game, including DLC and in-game transactions. This allows the charts to reflect the games that players are most excited to invest in right now.

Note: If you have multiple apps in a single package (this is uncommon), you can see in the Sales & Activations Reporting portal as to which app the sales of that package are being attributed.

Global and country-specific

For a set of most popular countries on Steam, we generate country-specific top sellers lists as a default so the lists can pick up on regional differences in customer interests. By default, we'll show you charts for your own country if we have them. If you head over to the Steam Charts Page, you can switch to the global view or to another country's view if you are curious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do the real-time top sellers chart work?
A: For each game, we roll up all the player spending from the trailing 24 hours, and then add extra weight to spending in the last 3 hours. That extra weighting of the most recent spending helps Steam to more quickly reflect changes, like a popular new release or a game trending upward.

Q: Why do the top sellers lists include free to play games?
A: Over time we've seen games utilize a wide variety of approaches to pricing. Traditionally our charts have only included premium games, but that was obscuring the hugely popular free or inexpensive games in which players go on to purchase season passes, huge expansions, or other forms of new content. This newer format also lets us combine multiple editions of the same game so as to avoid duplication on the charts and really highlight what players are most invested in.

Q: What sources of revenue are included?
A: All of them! Microtransactions, DLC and base game purchases all contribute equally.

Q: Does Valve curate the top sellers list manually?
A: No- we don’t have an editorial team picking games for Top Sellers, Popular New Releases, Popular Upcoming, or other storefront charts. Those are all based on player data.

Q: Will every customer see my game if it’s a top selling title?
A: The top selling list respects each player’s content preferences, and customers can filter out certain categories of content from the store if they wish. Any logged in user can see their store preferences page. The top selling list also has options for players to filter out games they already own, and to hide free to play games.

Q: My game sells DLC. Can a DLC show up on the top sellers lists?
A: Yes! We’ve struck a balance here between reflecting what the community is spending money on, while still making the top sellers chart a useful resource for shopping. So, existing owners of your game can see its DLC climbing the top sellers list, whereas customers who don’t yet own the base game will see the base game.

We think this is the best of both worlds- DLC still contributes to the top sellers rank of your game, but if a DLC in particular is selling really well, it shows up to your player base.

Q: Is the top sellers chart designed to favor one business model over another?
A: Nope. In fact, we’re deliberately trying to make sure that you can pick the best business model for your game without having to worry that a store design choice will penalize you. We should also add: top sellers is just one of many different ways a player might discover content in the store, and many recommendation sources have nothing to do with revenue. Check out the Visibility documentation for more background.

Q: Do all regions see the same list of top sellers games?
A: The default store front page view is territory-specific, so customers might see different games depending on what’s popular in their area. However, all users can click through to see the global Top-Sellers list.