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Event Graphical Assets
When creating and publishing new events using the Steam Event tools, you will be required to supply a set of graphical assets for your event. These assets are used on the event page, as well as various places on Steam, including your store page, Community Hub, and in the Steam Library. The exact location of all communication depends on the type of event, user preferences, and the context in which the event is displayed.

OverviewFor an overview of the events and announcements tools, please see Events and Announcements Tools
ExamplesSee examples of how events and announcements appear in the Steam store, community, and library.
TemplatesDownload templates for sizing and text placements on event images.

Cover Image Required


Size: 800px wide x 450px tall
Design: This image should primarily contain the artwork and branding for your event. Steam will always automatically include your game's name and icon next to the cover image, so it isn't critical to include your game branding in the cover image (but you may still choose to do so).
Usage: It will appear on your store page in recent announcements, in lists of events and announcements, and on your game's library detail page. It's used to link to your event/announcement and may be displayed alongside content from multiple games, so the image should be clear and recognizable.

Header Image Suggested


Size: 1920px wide x 622px tall (please see template file for important notes)
Design: Add a rich header image to your detail page to communicate the theme or essence of your update or announcement.
Usage: It will appear on the top of your event, acting to establish your branding and provide color for the detail views.