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Getting Started

Welcome to the Steam PC Café Program - Commercial Site License

So you've signed an agreement and are ready to get things going?

In the following documentation, you will now be able to choose between our two operational models and follow the instructions to get everything set up.

If you've came here by accident and are looking for additional information about the program, please click here to get to the program's info page.

Recommended Setup

  • PC Cafés or Bangs - Patrons log in with their personal Steam account for the full experience
    This setup lets users experience Steam at your location in exactly the same way as they would at home. They can earn achievements and rewards, keep things given out by games, and even buy things for their account.

    This model will require you to run a Steam Site Server on a secure computer at your site(s). Commercial game licenses are purchased with one Steam master account and added to a license pool. Patrons of your venue will be able to log in with their personal Steam account, view the licenses that you offer through their Steam library and have the option to "check them out". They can also play the games they already own on their personal Steam account; this will not affect your license pool.

    You will have the benefits of:
    • Easy game management using a shared pool of licenses all purchased with your Steam master account.
    • Commercial license discounts and bulk purchase option.
    • If you have multiple locations these licenses can be shared across all of your sites.
    • The site server can also act as a local content cache to minimize Internet bandwidth usage.
    • Gather and view usage stats on how your customers are using Steam in your business.

    Setup instructions for the PC Café model can be found here.

  • VR Arcades - Dedicated Steam Account per Computer
    This model allows VR arcades to create a dedicated Steam account for each station. This will allow patrons to simply walk up to the VR station and dive into Virtual Reality without having to log in or create a Steam account.

    The downside is the extra management required for each account as they must each own their own set of games that the owner purchases individually. Also, since users aren't logged in with their own personal Steam account, they will only have access to the commercial game licenses on your dedicated accounts and won't be able to keep achievements or in-game items. Since game licenses are purchased with the individual account, you will also not have access to the site management features and content cache.

    VR Arcades may also refer to the recommended setup model.

    Setup instructions for the VR arcade model can be found here.