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Steam Workshop Item Tags
By default, all tags submitted by the game to Steam will show up listed for customers to see in the right-hand column of your application's Workshop home page. These tags are defined with ISteamUGC::SetItemTags when an item is uploaded from your game or submission tool.


Overriding Tags

You can override the list of tags by specifying the specific tags and category titles that you wish to be visible. You can also add admin tags that are not visible to normal users.

In order for these tags to work for filtering content, any tags entered should exactly match the name of the tag that is published by your game.

To specify your tags to show, select the 'tags' option from the Workshop drop-down within your game's Steamworks metadata configuration site.


It will be on a page with a URL like this:<appid>

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can tags be removed from my Workshop?
A. Tags cannot be deleted once they have been added by uploading an item with that tag, but you can use the above technique to display only the tags you care about for browsing around your Steam Workshop