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This is an in-depth handbook, reference manual, and general guide for using and configuring input devices via the Steam Input software. This includes the Steam Controller hardware itself as well as a variety of 3rd-party devices.

This is not a detailed listing of methods used for interacting with the the software from within your game. For that please see the Steam Input API.


To set the stage, you might start by watching or reading this Steam Dev Days 2016 presentation:

Slides - PDF
Slides - HTML

And for a specific applied example and case study, you should read this article:

The Steam Controller Configurator's Untapped Power

With those two things under your belt, you're ready to dig into the nitty-gritty details of this document!

Table of Contents

Hold my hand a little:
  1. Getting Started as a player
  2. Getting Started as a developer

Give me all the nerdy details:
  1. General Concepts
  2. Steam Input Devices
  3. In-Game Actions File
  4. Input Sources
  5. Input Source Modes
  6. Mode Shifting
  7. Browsing Configurations
  8. Activators
  9. Mouse Regions (coming soon)
  10. Radial Menus (coming soon)
  11. Touch Menus (coming soon)
  12. Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices (coming soon)