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Wishlist Reporting
Within each app's details page on the Sales & Activation Reports Portal, you'll find a section for "Wishlists", which links to a full report and history of wishlist activity for your game. This page tracks additions, purchases, and deletions by users that have your game on their wishlist.

Much of the page is self-explanatory, but there are a few areas that might need more details. We've added that here:

The most recent day is excluded

Wishlist data is updated daily for the previous date (ie. as of March 2nd, you can see all of the data up to March 1st)

Regional Wishlisting Data

You can see a breakdown of wishlist numbers by region or country in the "Regional sales report" page for each app. To get there, visit your main game's reporting page and find the link to "Regional Sales Report" in the list of links to the right-hand side.

Once you are on the Regions and Countries page, you can click the little plus symbol next to a region to expand and see further details including the number of wishlists from customers in that region.

Platform Breakdown

You'll notice a section labeled 'Platform-specific wishlisting' on the right-hand side of your Wishlist reporting. This indicates the platform that players have explicitly set in their Steam preferences. This will almost always be a subset of total wishlists, as not every player has selected a specific platform.

You can find your own platform preferences here:



In the CSV download of the wishlist data, there is a column for "DateLocal" and "MonthCohort".
  • DateLocal is the date in pacific time that the game was purchased from the wishlist
  • MonthCohort is month that the user added the game to their wishlist. For example: MonthCohort = 2021-08-01 would be users the initially wishlisted the game in August 2021.

Wishlist Analysis

You can also find some past analysis of wishlist behavior written up in the Steamworks Developer Group here, including averages on conversion rate from wishlist e-mails and conversions of wishlists over time.