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Steam App Fee


Whether you are completing the Steam Direct signup process or are already an established Steamworks developer, you can now simply pay a $100 USD (or equivalent) fee for each new app you wish to distribute on Steam. Read below for details on how it works.

Onboard On Steamworks

When you are signing up as a Steamworks developer for the first time, you'll need to complete a set of digital paperwork. One of the steps in that paperwork is to pay the Steam App Fee, which you can do with any payment method that Steam supports in your country.

You will be directed to the Steam store to complete the transaction, and then directed back to the Steamworks website to continue with your paperwork. See Onboarding for more info.

Purchasing And Activating App Credit

Steamworks developers can easily buy additional app credits to prepare your next games for release on Steam.

The Steam App Fee may be paid with any payment method that Steam supports in your country, excluding Steam wallet funds. Once the Steam App Fee is paid, an app credit will be attached to the Steam account of the person who paid the fee. The credit can only be activated by the person who paid the app fee.
NOTE: Only users that have Admin permissions within an existing Steamworks partner can pay the Steam App Fee.

If you have the necessary permissions to purchase a Steam app credit, you'll see a green button to do so on your Steamworks home page.

Recouping The App Fee

The Steam App Fee is not refundable, but will be recoupable in the payment made after your product has at least $1,000.00 Adjusted Gross Revenue for Steam Store or in-app purchases. The recoupment of the Steam App Fee will be shown as a separate line item in your monthly report. Payment of revenue from sales and repayment of fee may be withheld if deposit payment is charged-back, refunded, or otherwise identified as fraudulent.