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Google Analytics
Steam no longer supports Google Analytics. On July 1 2023, Google replaced their third-party traffic reporting system (Universal Analytics) with their own, called Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Over time, we've come to realize that Google's tracking solutions don't align well with our approach to customer privacy, and the migration to GA4 felt like the right time to end our support and focus instead on building the most useful parts of aggregated reporting into Steam itself.

We've introduced new Steamworks tools to help you understand your store traffic while continuing to protect player privacy. These include:
  • Expanded presentation of external traffic sources to detail more common domains - for more details on traffic reporting, please see Store and Platform Traffic Reporting
  • Key updates to Steam's overall UTM System - For more details on UTM System, please see UTM Analytics
    • One-Day conversion tracking, which fixes previous technical issues that slowed updates down, and expands the conversion window to 3 days.
    • Geographic breakdown, which adds the ability to see regional breakdowns for the visitors to your store page
    • Visitor device category, adding a split of device types for each campaign to let you see how your mobile vs. desktop audiences are learning about your game.
    • New vs. returning users are now break-out stats that help you see the percentage of visits to your store page that come from new versus returning players.