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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. When can I stream? How often am I allowed to Stream?

    A. You can stream as often and as long as you want. We have seen partners run continuous streamers that go longer than a couple days. Its up to you to decide when are the best times to reach your customers with the live content.

    Also consider that Steam customers are around the world. Sometimes after major events, it might valuable to replay past content so that all your potential customers and fan can see it.
  • Q. Does the live stream have to be exclusive to Steam?

    A. No, the live stream content does not have to be exclusive to Steam. It is perfectly fine to maximum your reach by streaming on multiple platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook etc... . You can stream directly from your setup or you can use a platform like Restream to multi-cast for you.

    It is perfectly fine for the content to have premiered on another streaming platform and then you are re-playing for the Steam audience (original or edited version). We strongly recommend indicating in stream with an overlay that the content is a replay to your viewers. It is fine to indicate where the original content was premiered.
  • Q. Can I stream a game not yet released?

    A. Yes. As long as you are planning to releasing the game on the Steam platform and have created a Steam store landing page, you can stream your game on Steam. This can be a great way to give a preview to your community, collect feedback. and build excitement around it.
  • Q. Can a streamer include their name and/or handle from a different platform?

    A. Yes. We have seen people include the link directly on the video stream itself.
  • Q. Can I overlay my username or handle from another site on Steam broadcast?

    A. Yes. That should be fine.
  • Q. Can I display ads in my feed?

    A. Yes you can. However, we strongly discourage doing so as it creates bad user experience.
  • Q. Can I broadcast prerecorded feed?

    A. Absolutely. In fact, that is a great option, especially if you want to help customers build context on your game and the company who made the game. You can show your offices, the development team, important milestones etc. that helps build a narrative for the user.
  • Q. What about mature content in the stream?

    A. As long as the mature content is for a game that has mature rating on Steam, it should be fine. This is to make sure that the age-gate on the store page and the community hub prevents customers from seeing unexpected content.
  • Q. Can I showcase multiple games within a single Stream?

    A. Yes. You can create stream that will showcase multiple of your games without restarting the stream. To ensure customers know which game is being played, we recommend as the games change within the stream, that the 'Broadcast App ID' is updated on your Broadcast Settings page. Changing the AppID there is applied immediately to a live stream, however, it may take a few minutes to propagate through the Steam platform so that it then appears on the new store product page

    Always wise to double check that the Streamer has all of the intended games in their library ahead of the streaming session. We will not be able to update the appid if the game is missing from the streamer's library.