Steamworks Documentation
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. When can I stream? How often am I allowed to Stream?

    A. You can stream as often and as long as you want. We have seen partners run continuous streams that go longer than a couple days. Its up to you to decide when are the best times to reach your customers with the live content.

    Also consider that Steam customers are around the world. Sometimes after major events, it might be valuable to replay past content so that all your potential customers and fans can see it.
  • Q. Can I re-broadcast a previously live stream?

    A. Yes. You must include banner or update title so that it indicates that the Stream is NOT live. This is prevent customer confusion. Often streaming partners will put a banner 'Re-Broadcast' on the top right of their video.
  • Q. Will Steam automatically re-broadcast my content?

    A. No. Steam does not have the capability to re-broadcast your content. You need to continue to send us the video you want Steam to show. You can do this from your own computers or you can use an external service to setup a broadcast schedule such as 'Re-Stream'
  • Q. Does Steam save my live stream?

    A. No. If you'd like to keep your recording, please record it yourself.
  • Q. Does the live stream have to be exclusive to Steam?

    A. No, the live stream content does not have to be exclusive to Steam. It is perfectly fine to maximize your reach by streaming on multiple platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook etc. You can stream directly from your setup or you can use a platform like Restream to multi-cast for you.

    It is fine for the content to have premiered on another streaming platform and then replay it on Steam (original or edited version). We strongly recommend visually indicating that the stream is a replay with an overlay on the video. It is fine to indicate where the original content premiered.
  • Q. Can I stream a game not yet released?

    A. Yes. As long as you are planning to release the game on Steam and have created a Coming Soon page, you can stream your game on Steam. This can be a great way to give a preview to your community, collect feedback, and build excitement around your game.
  • Q. Can a streamer include their name and/or handle from a different platform?

    A. Yes.
  • Q. Can I overlay my username or handle from another site on Steam broadcast?

    A. Yes.
  • Q. Can I display ads in my feed?

    A. Yes, but it is strongly discouraged since doing so creates a bad user experience.
  • Q. Can I broadcast a prerecorded feed?

    A. Absolutely. This can be a good option if you want to show more than a gameplay video. You can show your offices, the development team, and craft a narrative that gives additional context for your game.
  • Q. What about mature content in the stream?

    A. As long as the mature content is for a game that has mature rating on Steam, it should be fine. To be clear, Adult Only content is not allowed.
  • Q. Can I showcase multiple games within a single Stream?

    A. Yes. You can create stream that will showcase multiple of your games without restarting the stream. To ensure customers know which game is being played, we recommend as the games change within the stream, that the 'Broadcast App ID' is updated on your Broadcast Settings page. AppID changes are applied immediately to a live stream but it may take a few minutes for store pages to update.

    Please note that the streamer needs all of the applicable games in their library ahead of the streaming session. The AppID will not update if the game is missing from the streamer's library.
  • Q. My game runs in VR, will broadcasting still work?

    A. Yes, Steam broadcasting still works for VR content. However, because of the way the SteamVR.exe service interacts with broadcasting, we recommend you use an external tool (such as OBS). That will give you more control to configure your broadcast, and let you point Steam directly at your game appID rather than SteamVR.exe.
  • Q. Can I test a stream on my store page by setting it to friends only?

    A. No. Only public streams can appear on your store page.
  • Q. Help, my stream is not showing up on my game product page?

    A. There are two things that need to be done for streaming to surface. One the Game must permit the Streaming account via white list. Two, the streamer must indicate the game's appid in their broadcast/upload settings page.

    The white list can be setup in two ways, the first is the preferred method, by creating a broadcast event and adding the streaming accounts via the event's 'broadcasting' tab. The second method is via the Steamworks partner site, by adding the Streaming account to the game's white list. Click "Edit Store Page " on the app landing page, and add broadcaster(s) into the whitelist in the "Steam Broadcast (Beta) " section on "Special Settings" tab. The event method is preferred since the event start/stop date/time limits how long the stream will show up the store page and can be used to provide context for the content of the stream. By creating the event well before the live stream, your game's fans can signup to be notified when the stream starts.