Steamworks Documentation
Mode Shifting
Mode Shifting allows an input style of the controller to be 'shifted' into another mode while a button is being held. When released, the mode will change back to its normal mode. This allows additional buttons to be mapped or settings to be changed between modes.

Valid mode shifts for the various input sources are as follows:

Input SourceDPadButton PadMouseMouse JoystickJoystick MoveJoystick MouseJoystick CameraScroll WheelTouch MenuMouse RegionRadial MenuSingle Button
Button Pad

Note that Switches (Shoulder buttons, Back/Start buttons, Grip paddles) and Analog Triggers cannot be mode shifted. That is because these inputs are used for triggering mode shifts. A complete list:

  • Left Trigger Full Pull
  • Right Trigger Full Pull
  • Left Trigger Soft Pull
  • Right Trigger Soft Pull
  • Left Bumper
  • Right Bumper
  • Left Grip
  • Right Grip
  • Left Pad Click
  • Right Pad Click
  • Joystick Click
  • A Button*
  • B Button*
  • X Button*
  • Y Button*
  • Start Button*
  • Select Button*

*Actual label will vary between controller models