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Promo Event Tools, Rules, and Guidelines
Steam has a set of tools for creating and configuring a custom sale landing page that you can use to highlight games for a special sale, game festival, or digital companion for a physical convention. This feature needs to be enabled by Valve for your developer or curator group.

Please read carefully the rules and guidelines below that apply to the type of event you are hosting, and look for instructions within each for how to proceed.

If you're here because you've been invited to join one of these events, please take a look at our Participating in Third-Party Events page here:

Rules & Guidelines

Regional Promotions - events showcasing games made in a particular geographical region.

Themed Promotions - events built around showcasing games with a common genre, tag, or theme.

Festival / Convention Showcase Pages - events that accompany an industry event such as a conference, expo, festival, etc.

Publisher / Developer Promotions - events showcasing all the games made by a particular developer or publisher.

Tutorials & Tips

Sale Page Editor Tools:

Graphical Assets:

Example Timeline: