Steamworks Documentation
User Reviews - Get List
If you wish to get a dump of reviews on an application in Steam, you can use the following method with the parameters below.


filterstringrecent – sorted by creation time
updated – sorted by last updated time
all – (default) sorted by helpfulness, with sliding windows based on day_range parameter, will always find results to return.

If paging through the reviews with cursor then choose either the recent option or the updated option to eventually receive an empty response list.
language stringsee (and use the API language code list) or pass “all” for all reviews
day_range stringrange from now to n days ago to look for helpful reviews. Only applicable for the “all” filter. Maximum value is 365.
cursorstringreviews are returned in batches of 20, so pass "*" for the first set, then the value of "cursor" that was returned in the response for the next set, etc. Note that cursor values may contain characters that need to be URLEncoded for use in the querystring.
review_typestringall – all reviews (default)
positive – only positive reviews
negative – only negative reviews
purchase_typestringall – all reviews
non_steam_purchase – reviews written by users who did not pay for the product on Steam
steam – reviews written by users who paid for the product on Steam (default)
num_per_pagestringby default, up to 20 reviews will be returned. More reviews can be returned based on this parameter (with a maximum of 100 reviews)
filter_offtopic_activitynumberby default, off-topic reviews (aka "Review Bombs") are filtered out and are not returned in this API. Pass 0 to include them. See here.


a JSON formatted list of reviews matching the parameters, with info fields. Strings in JSON may contain escape sequences and data in the response may need to be unescaped before use.

  • success - 1 if the query was successful
  • query_summary - Returned in the first request
    • num_reviews - The number of reviews returned in this response
    • review_score - The review score
    • review_score_desc - The description of the review score
    • total_positive - Total number of positive reviews
    • total_negative - Total number of negative reviews
    • total_reviews - Total number of reviews matching the query parameters
  • cursor - The value to pass into the next request as the cursor to retrieve the next batch of reviews
  • reviews
    • recommendationid - The unique id of the recommendation
    • author
      • steamid - the user’s SteamID
      • num_games_owned - number of games owned by the user
      • num_reviews - number of reviews written by the user
      • playtime_forever - lifetime playtime tracked in this app
      • playtime_last_two_weeks - playtime tracked in the past two weeks for this app
      • playtime_at_review - playtime when the review was written
      • last_played - time for when the user last played
    • language - language the user indicated when authoring the review
    • review - text of written review
    • timestamp_created - date the review was created (unix timestamp)
    • timestamp_updated - date the review was last updated (unix timestamp)
    • voted_up - true means it was a positive recommendation
    • votes_up - the number of users that found this review helpful
    • votes_funny - the number of users that found this review funny
    • weighted_vote_score - helpfulness score
    • comment_count - number of comments posted on this review
    • steam_purchase - true if the user purchased the game on Steam
    • received_for_free - true if the user checked a box saying they got the app for free
    • written_during_early_access - true if the user posted this review while the game was in Early Access
    • developer_response - text of the developer response, if any
    • timestamp_dev_responded - Unix timestamp of when the developer responded, if applicable