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Version 1.32 Steamworks SDK released
The Steamworks SDK has been updated. Version 1.32 of the SDK adds C# bindings, a flat C-style API, improvements to the HTTP interface, and an initial release of the Steam Inventory Service.

Version 1.31 Steamworks SDK released
The Steamworks SDK has been updated. Version 1.31 of the SDK adds support for existing Workshop files from the new ISteamUGC interface, a built-in HTML rendering surface and updates for Steam VR.

Version 1.30 Steamworks SDK released
The Steamworks SDK has been updated to include a new Workshop content API in ISteamUG.

Version 1.29a Steamworks SDK released
The Steamworks SDK has been updated. Version 1.29a deprecates 1.29 and fixes a memory corruption in ISteamUGC::GetQueryUGCResult().

Version 1.29 Steamworks SDK released
The Steamworks SDK has been updated. Version 1.29 of the SDK adds Steam Music API and updates the Steamworks Virtual Reality API.

Version 1.28 Steamworks SDK released
The Steamworks SDK has been updated. Version 1.28 of the SDK adds the Steamworks Virtual Reality API.

Version 1.27 Steamworks SDK released
The Steamworks SDK has been updated. Version 1.27 of the SDK adds ISteamController interfaces for adding native support to your game for the new Steam Controllers in beta now.

Version 1.26a Steamworks SDK released
The Steamworks SDK has been updated. Version 1.26a is identical to 1.26 except a missing accessor function for SteamUGC() was added.

Version 1.26 Steamworks SDK released
>The Steamworks SDK has been updated with new APIs for Family Sharing, 64-Bit Linux binaries and a new UGC interface to query Workshop items.

Version 1.25 Steamworks SDK released
The Steamworks SDK has been updated with a fix for ISteamRemoteStorage::GetPublishedFileDetails not working properly in the 1.24 SDK update.

Version 1.24 Steamworks SDK released
The Steamworks SDK has been updated with APIs for badge and player levels, improved compatibilty with OSX 10.8 for the Content Prep tool, Steam Linux Runtime tools, and a Linux version of SteamworksExample.

Version 1.23a Steamworks SDK released
The Steamworks SDK has been updated to fix a bug with passing command-line parameters through SteamApi_RestartAppIfNeccessary().

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