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Version 1.40 Steamworks SDK released
Apr 26, 2017
Changes to ISteamInventory, ISteamUtils, ISteamUser, ISteamUGC and ISteamVideo. The SteamPipe GUI wrapper tool is now included the SDK.

Version 1.39 Steamworks SDK released
Jan 6, 2017
Future-proofs Steam controller API and expands on Steam Inventory Service functionality.

Version 1.38a Steamworks SDK released
Oct 19, 2016
Version 1.38a is identical to 1.38, except libsteam_api.dylib has been included for Mac OSX.

Version 1.38 Steamworks SDK released
Sep 30, 2016
The ISteamUGC interface has been expanded to allow for tracking playtime for Workshop items.

Version 1.37 Steamworks SDK released
May 23, 2016
Better support forward compatibility. The ISteamUGC interface has also been expanded to support developer defined preview files.

Version 1.36 Steamworks SDK released
Feb 9, 2016
A new function was added to ISteamController. Includes updated redistributables.

Version 1.35a Steamworks SDK released
Jan 15, 2016
Added a new function to assist with memory-management issues in games that call Steamworks from multiple threads. Version 1.35a is identical to version 1.35 except for this new function.

Version 1.35 Steamworks SDK released
Oct 20, 2015
Adds support for production Steam Controllers to ISteamController, as well as new functionality in ISteamRemoteStorage.

Version 1.34 Steamworks SDK released
Jul 28, 2015
Includes new Workshop functionality in ISteamUGC.

Version 1.33b Steamworks SDK released
May 19, 2015
Version 1.33b is identical to 1.33a, except ISteamUGC is exposed to game servers now.

Version 1.33a Steamworks SDK released
May 7, 2015
Version 1.33a is identical to 1.33, except steam_api.dll is built without debugging symbols and steam_vr_interop.cs has been removed.

Version 1.33 Steamworks SDK released
May 6, 2015
Expands the ISteamUGC interface to support stand-alone game servers, developer set metadata, etc. Removes steamvr.h (you can use the OpenVR SDK to access those interfaces).

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