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Steam Scream Fest (Halloween)

Steam Scream Fest celebrates the spookiest season of the year with discounts, demos, upcoming releases, and in-game events.

This event runs October 25 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) to November 1 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) and will include discounting, as well as sections for unreleased games, games with demos, and special Halloween-themed gameplay.

Table of Contents


This event is targeted toward games and in-game events primarily designed around spooky and festive themes. Appropriate games and in-game events would be centered around these themes vs. merely including one character or cosmetic.

For games, relevant tags include:
  • Horror 
  • Survival Horror 
  • Vampires 
  • Werewolves
  • Supernatural
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Lovecraftian

For in-game events, criteria specific to inclusion in Steam Scream Fest include:
  • Elements—e.g. dedicated items / cosmetics, thematic quests, maps, characters, and/or action—must occur in-game. A purely cosmetic or superficial reskinning of assets like the menu is not sufficient.
  • Description of in-game event must be clear and easily determinable.
  • In-game event must run at least during the dates of Steam ScreamFest: October 25 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) to November 1 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7)

Invitation Process

Halloween-Themed Games

We'll be inviting specific games to participate in Steam Scream Fest based on the criteria above. This invitation will go out to Steamworks users who have set "Receive Steamworks Communication" permission for eligible games. Reference Frequently Asked Questions to ensure your communication preferences are set to permit these communications, or for details on how to access key information if opted out.

The invitation will ask you to register that game for Steam Scream Fest, which is as easy as clicking one checkbox and saving. That registration will tell us which games intend to participate.

Once registered, users in your account with "Edit Pricing Permissions" will then see the Steam Scream Fest event appear in the discounting approval tools and can enter discounts for your released, eligible game there.

If you have not received an email invitation and believe that you have a game that fits the criteria described above, please check your list of eligible games. If your game is not present there and you believe it meets the above criteria, please contact us here.

Halloween-Themed In-Game Events

If you are adding new maps, items, artwork, or other content to your game for Halloween or running limited-time events with special themed content, challenges, or other similar activities—and otherwise meet the eligibility criteria for in-game events described above—please let us know by selecting "Halloween Event" using the Steam Events system when creating a new event or announcement (available beginning September 10). There will be a review process to confirm Halloween Events meet the established criteria. Games with Halloween Events will be included in the Events section of Steam Scream Fest even without registration to the sale itself.

For more information on Halloween-themed in-game events, please see the documentation here.

Ways To Participate


A discount is not required to participate in Steam Scream Fest, though the event page will most prominently feature discounted games. All invited titles can participate with a discount unless your game is not yet released, releases within 28 days of the start of the fest, or already has another discount scheduled too soon prior or following Steam Scream Fest.

Reminder: As of March 28, 2022, all sales and discount opportunities are subject to the same 28-day cooldown between discounts. The only exceptions are the four major Steam seasonal sales. For more details on the discounting rule changes, please see Discounting Rule Changes.

Once invited, visit your discounting dashboard (Apps & Packages -> Sale Approvals) to see your invited games and to enter any discounts.

Enter your discounts any time before the sale begins on October 25 at 10:00 AM PDT.


If you've got an upcoming game that fits the criteria above (or even if you have a released game) you may release a demo to include in the event. We'll have a section for games with free demos, as well as lists of upcoming releases. Just make sure your demo is fully released before the start of the fest to ensure that your game is listed as having a demo available.

See Demos documentation for more on preparing your demo.

In-Game Events

As mentioned, if you'll be hosting a Halloween-themed in-game event that meets the eligibility criteria described above, your in-game event will be included in a dedicated section on the Steam Scream Fest event page.

For more information on Halloween-themed in-game events, please see the Halloween Type Events documentation.

Event Visibility

This is an official Steam Themed Sale and will be promoted significantly on the homepage of Steam and via our social media channels. The event will highlight games with discounts and will have sections for upcoming games, games with playable demos, and in-game events.

For more details about event visibility, please see Themed Sale Event Visibility & Promotion

Marketing Materials Permissions

For the promotion of Steam Scream Fest, our team selects a handful of games to feature in the official trailer we edit for the event. The trailer will be posted to some combination of the official Steam YouTube channel, the Steam Scream Fest event page (when the event is live), and Steam social media channels, and will also be distributed to press.

In order to remain in consideration for inclusion, you must:
  • Be registered to participate in Steam Scream Fest and have entered a discount.
  • Have received an additional opt-in request from Valve specifically indicating that your game is in consideration for inclusion in official marketing materials and have completed this opt-in. Notification may be included on the event registration page for your game or sent via email.
  • Have at least one publicly visible trailer on your store page.

If you authorize trailer use and we use your game's trailer, we'll make use of one that is publicly visible on your store page.

Asset Kit

Download the below kit of images and templates to use on your own social media channels when telling your fans about your participation in Steam Scream Fest. These assets are designed to work well on various platforms and you're welcome to use them any time you're ready to let players know you'll be part of the event.

Download here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to register my game before entering a discount?
A. Yes, you need to do the following things in order:
  1. Follow the link in the invitation email, or click this link to see your eligible games and register each:
  2. Once a game is registered, you can then enter discounts on the new Sale Approvals page here:

Q. Can I participate with a demo?
A. While discounted released games will be featured most prominently, demos for both unreleased and released games are welcome to participate and will be included in a section for games with free demos as described in the documentation above.

Q. Will there be livestreaming as part of this event?
A. Livestreaming will not be featured on the sale page, but you're welcome to livestream on your own game's store page as you wish.

Q. How can I ensure I receive the relevant communications about this event (and relevant events like this)?

In Steamworks:
  • If you are a member of multiple Steamworks partners, make sure you have the correct partner selected at the top of the Steamworks website.
  • Ensure you have at least one account with "Receive Steamworks communications" enabled. You can edit per user here: Note that accounts with this permission setting must also have completed or must newly complete the additional confirmation request sent via email authentication in order to fully enable permission.

In the Steam Store:

If you prefer to remain opted out of all communications, you may still participate in Steam Scream Fest. However, the only indication of your eligibility for both the event overall and for the media permissions opt-in (if your game has been selected for potential inclusion in our official marketing materials as described above) will be via the options below. Insert your appID at the end of each URL.

Q. I've changed my plans. How do I cancel my registration?
A. Just return to the registration page for your game by inserting your appID at the end of this URL<appid> and deselect the checkbox at the very bottom of the page to remove your game from the event.

Need Help?

Contact us here if you have questions regarding sales.