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Discount Rule Changes, March 28, 2022
As announced on February 2, 2022, Steam will be changing some rules for discounts scheduled to start after March 28, 2022. Below are details on these changes and some frequently asked questions.

If you are looking for general information about discounting, types of discounts, and best practices, please see Discounting documentation.

Policy Change Overview

Starting on March 28, 2022, the time between discounts run on Steam will change from six weeks to 4 weeks (28 days). This means a minimum of 28 days between the end of one discount and the start of another discount.

This discount cooldown period applies to all types of promotions and discounts across Steam, with the only exceptions being our four major store-wide seasonal sales: Lunar New Year Sale, Summer Sale, Autumn Sale, and Winter Sale.

Specific Discounting Rules

  • You can run a launch discount, but once your launch discount ends, you cannot run any other discounts for 28 days.

  • It is not possible to discount your product for 28 days following a price increase in any currency.

  • Discounts cannot be run within 28 days of your prior discount, with the exception of Steam-wide seasonal events.

  • Discounts for seasonal sale events cannot be run within 28 days of releasing your title, within 28 days from when your launch discount ends, or within 28 days of a price increase in any currency.

  • You may not change your price while a promotion is live now or scheduled for the future.

  • It is not possible to discount a product by more than 90% or less than 10%.

  • Custom discounts cannot last longer than two weeks, or run for shorter than 1 day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will there still be sale events that accompany other physical and digital festivals?
A. Absolutely! If you have been invited to participate in a Steam sale event organized by someone outside of Valve (eg. physical events such as PAX or Gamescom; regional events such as a Made in France sale) you'll just need to consider whether that event works for the discount cooldown timing on your game. It's also fine to participate in events like that without being on discount.

Q. Will these new discount cooldowns apply to curated promotions too?
A. Yes, discount cooldowns will apply to promotions like Daily Deals, Midweek Madness, Weekend Deals, Weeklong deals, publisher weekends, and any custom discounts. Any discount applied to a game must have 28 days between the end of one discount and the beginning of the next discount. The only exceptions to this cooldown are the four major seasonal sales: Lunar New Year, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Q. What about discounts that are just prior to and following the March 28th changeover?
A. For this transitionary period, the order in which the discounts are scheduled is important. Steam checks the discount cooldown rules at the time the discount is being scheduled. So if you were to schedule a discount during March, the next time you could schedule a discount for that game would be 28 days following the end of that previous event.
However, if you first scheduled a discount in April (following the rule change) and then tried to schedule one prior to that, you would need to schedule the earlier one at least 6-weeks ahead.