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In Brief
Set up a livestream to appear on your game's store page, developer homepage or special sale landing page.
Level of integration
Basic streaming of your gameplay through Steam is built in. Streaming that includes a webcam takes some webpage configuration and a third-party tool such as OBS.
注意:这只是测试版功能。 此功能随时可能会更改或终止。

Table of contents

直播流式传输(测试版)This page
Setting Up A StreamRequirements, setup, and configuration
Streaming DemosLivestreaming a game demo to your store page
Stats & ReportingViewership stats from your past streams
FAQSteam 直播常见问题

在 Steam 上直播

Steam offers a feature that allows content to be streamed to Steam client and the web store. The most common example for such content is live game play, others include developer discussion round-tables, game or developer history documentary among others.

Streamed content shows up on the game's store page and on the Broadcast hub under the Community section. If popular, the stream also gets featured on the Home Page.

Based on partner feedback we received, streaming live game play can offer some benefits. The developer/publisher is able to
  • 和目标受众互动
  • 扩展粉丝基础
  • 帮助现有玩家探索整个游戏
  • 让整个社区都为更新感到兴奋

Steam Broadcast Features

Broadcast is a complimentary service and is available to all partners at no additional cost.
The following is a non-exhaustive list of features:

  • 可将现场或预先录制的内容流式传输至您的 Steam 产品页面;
  • 当适用时,在整个 Steam 商店自动显示”直播“标签;
  • 热门流式传输会显示在 Steam 首页,为其带来更多流量;
  • Steam 聊天已集成至流式传输体验中;
  • 通过多平台流式传输(同时向不同平台进行流式传输),可无缝集成至您已有的直播计划中;
  • 提供丰富的直播体验,包括音频和图像叠加层(网络摄像头、徽标、公告等);
  • 通过开源技术(OBS)操作。

Here's a screen grab of a broadcast in action on Steam.


How it works

Streaming to Steam requires the use of streaming and recording programs such as the free software OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). The performer needs to install OBS on her/his desktop, and either stream live game play or stream existing video files. The streaming video with audio and overlays (if any) from the performer's desktop is then either sent directly to Steam client and Web store, or sent to a multi-streaming provider e.g., where it is forked into multiple streams headed for different platforms (e.g. Steam, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Mixer etc.).

Here's an illustration on how it works.


What you need to get started

A publisher or developer can get started with broadcasting to Steam with the following.
  1. 创建一个直播计划和日程安排;
  2. 如果您想向多个平台(如 Twitch、Steam、Mixer、YouTube 等)直播,创建一个 账号;
  3. 完成设置,进行一个小型的测试流式传输;
  4. 选定一名直播者/有影响力者;
  5. 将您想要进行流式传输的每款游戏的所有直播者 Steam 帐户加入白名单;
  6. 管理聊天;
  7. 获取反馈(可选,但很重要)。

Please Give Us Feedback

Broadcast on the store page is currently in open beta. We are looking for your feedback to make it better. If you plan on using this feature, we recommend you join the 'Store Broadcast Beta' group. We use this group to announce features as they launch. We use the discussion forum to answer your questions, receive your feedback, comments and bug reports.