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Steam Turn-Based RPG Fest 2024

Steam Turn-Based Strategy Fest celebrates games that challenge your ability to strategize... one turn at a time!

This event runs September 30 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) to October 7 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) and will include eligible titles with sections for discounted titles, unreleased titles in Coming Soon, games with demos, and more.

For general information about Steam themed sale events, including details on the selection and invitation process, ways to participate (discounts, demos, and upcoming releases), event visibility and promotion, in-event game visibility, and marketing materials permissions, please visit the Steam Themed Sale Events parent documentation page.

Table of Contents

Important Dates

  • September 26 - The trailer announcing the event launches on this day. At this point, you're welcome to share your participation in the event. Assets for this purpose will be available in the Asset Kit below.
  • September 30, 10am PDT - The event starts. This is the deadline for entering a discount, and opting out if you no longer want to participate.


Games must be launched or in Coming Soon mode to be eligible for Steam themed sales. If your game is not yet in Coming Soon, you can appeal to have your game join this event once you've released your Store Page. The base game must be eligible according to the criteria below; DLCs alone are not eligible. Eligibility is determined by the tags applied to your game's store page, as well as the gameplay that is evident from how you describe and represent your game on your store page.

All the games in this Fest must be turn-based RPGs with combat! On the surface, this is a simple theme, but here's more of what we're looking for.

  • Your title must be an RPG - you must be able to grow your character(s), whether that's via levels, equipment, or something else
  • Combat must be turn-based - if you have real time combat, or real time with pause combat, that's a no-go for this Fest even if you have turn-based elements to your game otherwise.
  • It's fine to have real time elements during exploration or other non-combat portions of your game.
  • However, your game must primarily be turn-based; the combat/turn-based portion cannot be a mini-game.
  • Monster collectors are eligible for this event - it's fine if it's your minions/squad/etc. that are growing, and not a named character
  • Games that are about growing your character in primarily non-combat ways are not eligible for this event. If you have a game where you have a turn-based combat section that's not about growing your character's strength, then that's not eligible for this event.

Some genres are not the focus of this Fest, and are not eligible to participate.
  • Visual Novels
  • Deckbuilders (we already had a Fest for you this year!)
  • Idle Games / Clicker Games
  • Software

Check your list of eligible games here:

Asset Kit

Download the below kit of images and templates to use on your own social media channels when telling your fans about your participation in this event. These assets are designed to work well on various platforms and you're welcome to use them to let players know you'll be participating, which you may do after the official event trailer announcing the event launches (typically four days prior to event start; please reference Important Dates above).

Download here: COMING SOON

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I haven't received an email invitation and have a game I believe fits the eligibility criteria described above. How can I confirm whether my game has been invited and request an invitation if it has not been invited?
A. If you haven't received an email invitation and believe you have a game that fits the eligibility criteria described above, please check:

If your game is not found via the paths above and you believe it meets the eligibility criteria, please use the appeals process available at the bottom of the registration page.

If your game was found via the paths above but you didn't receive an email, please check your Steamworks communication preferences (instructions available in the Steam Themed Sale Events parent documentation page).

Q. Do I need to register my game before entering a discount?
A. Yes, you need to do the following things in order:
  1. Follow the link in the invitation email, or click this link to see your eligible games and register each:
  2. Once a game is registered, you can then enter discounts on the Discount Management page:

Q. Will there be livestreaming as part of this event?
A. Livestreaming will not be featured on the sale page, but you're welcome to livestream on your own game's store page as you wish.

Q. I've changed my plans. How do I cancel my registration?
A. Just return to the registration page for your game by inserting your appID at the end of this URL<appid> and deselect the checkbox at the very bottom of the page to remove your game from the event.

For general information about Steam themed sale events and FAQs, please visit the Steam Themed Sale Events parent documentation page.

Need Help?

Contact us here if you have questions regarding this event.