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Steam Music Player


With the Steam Music Player it’s easy to listen to your music collection while you play games on Steam.

Just point Steam to the MP3s on your computer, then browse your collection of albums and artists. You’ll also find your Steam Soundtracks in your Steam Music library when the associated base game is installed. Listen to albums, queue up mixes, and create playlists you love, right in your Steam library. Best of all, it’s all available right within the Steam Overlay, so you can control playback without leaving your game. The Steam Music library and player consist of all the basics you need to enjoy your music without switching tasks.

Shipping your soundtrack

It's easy to expose your game's soundtrack for customers to listen to with the Steam Music Player.


Steam Music will auto-detect any Steam game soundtrack on disk, provided it consists of MP3 files residing within a directory with the word "soundtrack" "Soundtrack" or "OST" (that last one being case sensitive) in its name.


Soundtracks are best implemented as Downloadable Content (DLC), but can alternatively just be included in the base game depots. The files are downloaded to a customer's computer just like any other files you include in your depots, so the sountrack files are only available to the customer while your game is installed unless they manually copy the files to another location.

To upload your soundtrack, upload the mp3 files in the DLC's Depot or in one of the base application's Depots, following the directory rules above. Soundtrack DLC can be added to either an existing package or sold as a standalone package. For more information see the Packages documentation.

You should also make sure the Artist, Album, Song Title, etc., metadata is added to each track. Also include an AlbumArtwork.png (.png or .jpg is accepted) at 400x400 pixels with the image you want displayed in the Music Organizer inside Steam.

Controlling Steam Music Player

You can control the Steam Music Player from inside your application with the Steamworks API by using ISteamMusic interface such as ISteamMusic::Play or ISteamMusic::Pause.

The Music Player can also be controlled with the following URL commands: steam://musicplayer/<command> where <command> can be one of the following:
  • play
  • pause
  • playprevious
  • playnext
  • toggleplaypause
  • togglemute
  • increasevolume
  • decreasevolume