Steamworks ドキュメンテーション


近日登場ページはリリースのかなり前から掲載できます。 それによってゲームタイトルの Steamへの登場を顧客に告知し、ファンを集め、製品への関心を高めることができます。 新製品の場合、少なくともリリースの 2 週間前までに、近日登場ページを公開する必要があります。

It is recommended that you publish your Coming Soon page as soon as possible. Right when you begin talking about your game publicly, you should launch your Coming Soon page to start collecting feedback and let customers Wishlist your game.


Once your store page is visible to customers, it can help you build awareness for your product and generate excitement among potential customers. As soon as you have product branding, screenshots, a description and video showing your game, you can put up a 'coming soon' page to start utilizing the tools available on Steam. And you can update your store page whenever you need to once it's live.

コミュニティハブの有効化: Once your store page is visible to customers, it will also enable the Community Hub. This gives you a place to post announcements, share artwork, and gives your audience a place to share their enthusiasm and discuss your upcoming release.

ウィッシュリスト: Once your store page is visible to customers, interested people can start adding your title to their wishlist. Once you reach your release date and hit the 'release' button, Steam will automatically send an e-mail to those people with your game on their Steam Wishlist.


準備: To post your page as Coming Soon, you will first need to create a new application, complete your release checklist and have your page reviewed and approved by Valve. To do this, click "Create New App..." on your Steamworks dashboard and then follow the checklist on your product landing page. Everything in the "Your Store Presence" section is required prior to posting your store page.

レビューを受ける: Once you have your checklist complete, you'll need to hit the "Mark As Ready For Review" button in the top section of your product landing page. This will make your product visible to Valve for review and approval prior to release.

公開: Once your page has been approved, you will need to click the green "Post as Coming Soon" button for it show to show up publicly as coming soon.

For more information on preparing for release, please see the リリースプロセス documentation.


リリース日の表示: You can control how your release date appears and how specific you are ready to be. Within your 'Edit Store Page' section, you'll find a section that lets you define how your date should appear, whether as the actual intended release date or as a custom string such as 'Spring'.

NOTE: Once your Coming Soon Page is live, you will be unable to change your release date without contacting us here. できる限り実際のリリース日に近い日を設定してください。
開発に変更や遅れは付き物であり、Steamでリリースするタイミングを決定するのは皆さんですので、リリース日を変更することは構いません。 しかし、ストアを訪れる顧客に対して正直かつ正確な情報が表示されることを弊社は希望します。

価格設定: While you do need to have pricing entered and approved prior to making your coming soon page live, the price will not appear to customers. You may also change your pricing as you wish prior to release.

露出: 'Coming soon' pages can show up in search and on appropriate 'upcoming' lists within the store. And, like any game on Steam, your game can show up in organic ways as fans share links within the Steam Community and elsewhere.

注意:近日登場ページの公開後は、データや実績など、あなたのゲームのメタデータをサードパーティサービスが取得できるようになります。 データと実績は、Steamコミュニティには表示されませんが、他のサイトには表示される可能性があります。