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Planning Your Sales Event
If you are organizing a sale landing page on Steam, here are some things to keep in mind when scheduling and planning.

Example timeline

When planning a sales event, there are many factors that take time to coordinate and organize. As such, we recommend that you start planning at least three months ahead of the date you wish to run your event.

Your specific event may have more or fewer moving parts than this example, but this should help give you a general idea of timeline and some required milestones as you work with your contact at Valve.

Time aheadMilestone
3 monthsHave a list of target games/developers that you plan to coordinate with. Have an overall plan for what the sale is, which games/devs are hypothetically participating, how the event will be described, any channels you plan to promote the event through, and any other details that help paint a picture of a compelling event.

Share those details with your contact at Valve and we can discuss whether the event makes sense to run right now.
3 monthsIf agreed upon with your Valve contact, start inviting developers to participate. In most cases, you'll need to instruct developers to enter their own custom discounts for each included game for the dates of the event.
2 monthsRemind participating developers to enter their discounts and to plan their livestreams or any other communication as relates to your event plan. Each participating game and developer can help amplify the overall event through their own communication channels, so be sure to think about how you can make the most of that. Provide participating developers with artwork they can use and wording they can use when speaking to their own audience about the event, either ahead of time or once the event has gone live.
2 weeks prior* Share your artwork and wording on your sale page with your Valve contact for review. There may be some suggested or requested changes to the artwork or how the event is described.
1 week prior
  • Artwork should be final
  • Wording and organization of games on the sale page should be final
  • * If you have agreed on promotion on the Steam homepage, hand off your layered Photoshop files and any non-standard fonts to your contact at Valve for localization and placement in the store
1 day priorRemind your participants of any last-minute things they need to be aware of or to set live on the day of the event
Day 0Your sale and event starts!