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For general information on setting up a stream within Steam, please also see


  1. Steam accounts for broadcasting must be non-limited. In other words, there must be at least $5 USD spent on Steam store with these accounts.

  2. Limited accounts will not be able to create an RTMP token and will not be able to broadcast onto the Steam platform using RTMP.

  3. The account used for streaming must own the game you plan to stream (ie, see the game in your Steam library). The account should specify the appid of the game on the broadcast/upload page to help Steam know which store page to show the live stream. More details below.

  4. The Steam Client cannot stream an unreleased game. However, you can use RTMP to stream an unreleased games. It is perfectly fine to give your fans a preview of a game you are working on.

Store Page Setup

A Steam store product page can now host a live broadcast. The following explains how to setup your application for broadcasting.

On the store page, you permit Steam users to broadcast on your behalf. You can also change settings associated with the broadcast appearing on your store page. For instance, you can choose to show broadcast chat, or hide chat by default (so your artwork is more prominent), or remove chat from your store page completely. You can add custom artwork which will surround the video player when chat is hidden or chat is removed.

  • Navigate to the application landing page in the Steamworks Partner site
    • 选择“编辑商店页面”,前往“特殊设置”选项卡。
    • 向下滚动到“Steam 直播(测试)”部分,选择已经获准在您的 Steam 商店产品页面上流式传输的一个或多个主播。 主播显示的顺序即为他们的名次。 在不止一位获准主播同时进行现场直播时,名次可以用来决定优先展示的直播。 Steam 将在您的产品页上主推名次更高的主播。 您可以在 UI 上拖放主播,以修改他们的名次。


    • 更改完成后,务必(滚动到页面底部)点击“保存”以保存更改。 保存后,所更改信息会在“测试版”商店页面视图中显示。
    • 用您应用上的发行流程使更改在 Steam 商店上线。 完成步骤为点击页面顶部的“发行”选项卡,然后发行应用。
    • Remember, every time you add/remove a Steam account or when re-order the list, the change is only stored in memory. 您需要点击“保存”然后“发布”,更改才能在 Steam 商店体现,
    • 已知问题:在 Steam 识别出您的产品页正在进行流式传输前,会出现短暂的延迟(可能多达 5 分钟)。 这与我们的缓存模型有关,我们也正在着手查找降低延迟的方法。 换言之,可能需要 5 分钟的时间才能捕捉到直播流并放至产品页。 一个解决方法就是提前开始流式传输,在流式传输即将开始前显示开始倒计时或静态图片。 在流式传输开始前 5 至 10 分钟开始播放将会有帮助。
  • 视频会显示在您的 Steam 商店产品页面 -><your appid>
    • 注意:您可能需要在数秒后刷新产品页面。 我们只有在建立连接后才会显示现场直播。 First viewers will take the longest to establish the connection to the broadcaster.

Store Broadcast Artwork

You can choose to upload custom artwork which will appear on the left and the right columns surrounding the broadcast player. They can be added on the 'Graphical Assets' tab. Image file resolution is 155x337 (width x height). This artwork could be used to explain the streaming event, or provide a call-to-action, or provide social media links.

Stream Configuration

Upload Server

Based on your current machines ping and our broadcast networks resource availability/congestion, we automatically recommend an RTMP host when you are configuring your settings on You can also choose a different one from this list if you find a better connection:
CityRTMP Upload URL
Chicago, USrtmp:/
Seattle, USrtmp:/
Los Angeles, USrtmp:/
Washington DC, USrtmp:/
Frankfurt, DErtmp:/
London, UKrtmp:/
Stockholm, SErtmp:/
Tokyo, JPrtmp:/
Hong Kong, HKrtmp:/
Singapore, SGrtmp:/
Sydney, AUrtmp:/
São Paulo, BRrtmp:/

主播 RTMP 设置

A streamer can use any broadcasting software they would like as long as it supports the RTMP protocol. Popular examples of streaming software are OBS and XSplit. These software will capture your game video, audio, can include your webcam and custom overlays to make a professional looking stream.

To create an RTMP token, the streaming Steam account need to join the 'Store Broadcast Beta' group. The group membership grants them access to create an RTMP token in Steam.

  • 要使用另一个应用程序向 Steam 进行流式传输,您需要创建一个 RTMP 令牌。 请查看此页的说明:
    • 您需要创建一个在您的流式传输应用程序中使用的令牌。 (注意:请在点击“创建 RTMP 令牌”按钮后刷新页面,以看到 RTMP 令牌。)
    • 输入您的 app id,以确保流式传输也会在商店、首页及合适的社区中心显示。
    • 在您的流式传输应用程序中(例如 OBS),请记住将关键帧间隔设置为 2 秒。 没有此设置,应用程序开始流式传输的握手将无法进行。 通常显示为重新连接循环。
    • Using the setting for viewer to 'Friends Only' is a good way to test the broadcast is streaming to your private watch page. It prevents anyone but your friends from seeing the stream. However, only Public stream will appear on the Steam Store product page. Testing on public is useful to verify that the artwork and chat settings are working as you would expect.

重要须知: When using external software, Steam does not automatically know the game you are streaming. You can tell Steam by entering the appid on the page. The appid is used to connect the stream to the correct game. If the appid is missing, the Steam store product page will not show the stream and it will not be featured on the front page.


Streamers via Steam Client

The Steam client that you use play your games has a native broadcasting feature built-in. It permits you to transmit your gameplay to Steam for other to watch. It is often used by Steam customers to watch their friends play games. It can also be used to broadcast live content to the store product page.

To enable in the Broadcast ability via the Steam Client, simply go to the menu and choose 'Steam' -> 'Settings' -> 'Broadcasting'. Ensure the Steam client's broadcasting privacy settings are set to 'Anyone can watch my games'.
Note: You cannot use the Steam Client to stream an unreleased game.


Chat Moderation

Each Steam broadcaster can choose to have moderators to help manage chat. Moderators are added via the friends page. By choosing manage friends list, an option will appear that will permit you to promote a friend to a Broadcast Moderator. You can promote as many friends as you need to moderators.


When the moderator are watching you live stream, they will have will have the permissions to remove all messages from a user or to mute a user for a period of time. These are the same action you have on your own broadcast chat. These controls are accessed via right-click on the offending chat message.


You can only a chat-only window to make it easier see and then moderates message by finding the link here or by adding the broadcasters steamid to this URL:<steamid>. Similarly, you can find all of the moderators and individuals that have been muted on your dashboard.


  • 在流式传输您的游戏前,请务必登录您的 Steam 流式传输帐户,在 里设置 AppID。 虽然直播可以在多个产品页面显示,但是您只能选择一个 AppID。 用户在社区中看到您的直播时,如果此 AppID 已设置,则可以帮助他们找到游戏的商店页面。 此外,首页需要此 AppID 才能辨认正在直播的应用。
  • You can test your setup by setting visibility to Public and checking to see if your broadcast is appearing on the product page. 如果直播没有显示,请再次检查您在 Steamworks 里的应用中输入的 SteamID 正确无误。 另外也请确认对应用进行的修改已经发布。
  • 另一个测试手段是使用此商店 API 来查看您的流式传输是否在列表中显示。
  • 如果流式传输在多个平台进行,且主播对聊天内容现场回应,最佳做法就是先念出或解释问题和评论,然后再进行回应。 无论观众是在哪里观看直播,您都应该将他们全部包含在内, 念出问题也可以使得重放或重播时更容易理解所录制的内容。
  • 在流式传输前后,展示静态图片或循环播放的视频有好处。 流式传输前进行可以预告即将流式传输的内容。 流式传输后进行则可以号召大家赶紧行动或是简单致谢,表明流式传输已结束(还可以包含未来流式传输的时间表)。 这样有助于引导提前开始观看(并决定等待的)的 Steam 顾客,或流式传输即将结束时才开始观看的顾客。

Content Rules

Remember to obey the content rules when broadcasting on your product page. Those rules can be found in the FAQ under the answer to 'What kind of content is restricted?'. Failure to follow the rules may result in restrictions on your partner account. These restriction can start from your removal from future broadcasts privileges up to the removal of selling your product on the Steam store.

RTMP Streaming Specs

If your stream is using external software to stream content to steam, then this section applies to them. At this time, Steam requires these encoding specs to be set. If you're having issues with videos stuttering, pausing, or not playing back correctly, please check the following:


  • 编解码器:H.264
  • 配置文件:高
  • 级别:4.1
  • 帧率:30 FPS 或 60 FPS
  • 宽高比:16:9
  • 关键帧间隔:2 秒
  • 最高比特率:7000 kbps CBR


  • 编解码器:AAC-LC
  • 最高比特率:128 kbps


  • VMIX:默认情况下,VMIX 使用 Profile Main 与 Level 3.0。您必须修改这些设置,以便 VMIX 能正确在 Steam 上流式传输。