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Community Announcements
Through Steam, you can use the announcement feature to post updates and news about your products. Your existing followers will receive these announcements through a number of channels, while new players will see them when browsing your products on Steam.

There are also a variety of tools and best practices to keep in mind as you think about how to best use the announcement feature. If you ever have any questions or issues with announcements, please contact Steamworks Support.

Getting Started

Before you post an announcement, make sure the account you're going to post from is setup correctly. Also, keep in mind that the account posting the announcement will be shown as the author along with any public facing parts of that profile (avatar, name, comments etc.)

  • Make sure the account is a member of your publisher group with partner access to the product in question. More information on how to setup users and privileges can be found here.
  • Alternatively, admins & officers of the product's associated Steam Community hub are allowed to post announcements by default. Group permissions can also be changed to control who can post announcements.
  • If you are posting a Creator announcement, the account will need 'Edit App Marketing Data' permissions on the partner site. You should see the name of your company near the Steamworks logo at the top of this page.
  • You'll need to make sure that your individual Steam account is not 'limited'. If your own account is limited, you won't be able to create community groups or request to join an existing group. Click here for details on limited accounts.

Where are announcements shown?

Depending on the type of announcement you create, it will be visible through a number of channels:

  • Store page - The last two announcements tied to a product are featured below the associated DLC section on the product's store page.
  • Community hub - From the associated community hub, announcements will be featured in the main feed, as well as exclusively from the News tab. If you tag the announcement as a Workshop announcement, it will also appear at the top of your Workshop tab.
  • Steam library - When a product is selected, the recent news section will display the last three announcements associated with it.
  • Activity feed - All users who are following a product will receive its announcements in their activity feeds.
  • Creator homepage - Anytime an announcement is posted to a product on your Creator Homepage, it will be featured in the Creator Homepage news feed. You can also post an announcement directly to your Creator Homepage and tag associated products.
  • Workshop hub - Tagging an announcement as 'Workshop' will cause it to show on your product's workshop hub.

Posting an announcement

The type of announcement that you create will depend on whether you want to create one for a single product, or whether you want to make a publisher/developer announcement associated with the games on your creator homepage.

  • Product announcement
    To post an announcement for a single product, you'll first need to navigate to the associated Community Hub admin panel. From here, you can create a new announcement or edit any that you were already working on:


  • Creator announcement
    Once you've setup a Creator Homepage, announcements can be tied to multiple products and surfaced through all of your associated communities.

    To post a one of these types of announcements, navigate to the admin tab on your Creator Homepage:


  • Tagging as 'Workshop' or 'Patch Notes'
    Before you post your announcement, you'll have the opportunity to tag it as either Workshop or Patch Notes. Workshop announcements have additional visibility within your Workshop hub, while tagging as 'patch notes' will decrease visibility of the update by not surfacing it to your product page (patch notes are visible when your product is selected in the Steam library).

Announcement Tools

These are some of the tools that can help your team create more meaningful announcements

  • Image & Gif embedding
    Images can be uploaded and featured prominently in your announcements. It's a good idea to have at least one image in all of your announcements. The first image used an announcement will be used for branding in all of that announcement's thumbnails & previews.

    For gifs, you need to upload the gif to a popular site, and then link the URL in your announcement as an image. For example, if you have a gif on imgur, you would put the following into your announcement:
  • Steam links
    If you link to a product page in your announcement, the link will embed with additional styling:


  • Hidden drafts
    You can work on an announcement and save it as a hidden draft without making it public. Hidden drafts are only visible to other members of your partner group with access to the product in question. You can also return to editing by selecting View Hidden Announcements from your admin panel.
  • Localization
    When you post an announcement, the default language will be set to English. Users with Steam set to other languages will see the English version of the announcement. It's a good idea to include localization for all other popular languages that your players are using.
  • HTML importing
    If you prefer to use html, or have an existing html version of an announcement, you can use the html import option. This will convert your existing document to use bbcode, which is supported by our announcement system.

Best Practices

Announcements are a powerful tool to communicate with anyone using your product. They can also help you reach new players. Like any tool, there are best practices to keep in mind that will help you get the most out of your communication.

  • Have a goal
    Having a clear goal in mind will help you to create meaningful and important announcements, while also being able to measure their effectiveness. Take time to consider whether an announcement is the best way to address your goal. For example, if the goal of an announcement is to reduce player confusion over an in-game feature, maybe the better approach would be to update that feature.

  • Listen to your players
    Listen to your community and organize all of their feedback before saying anything. Consider how different player types will interpret your announcements. Pay close attention to what elements of your announcements create interest and quality feedback, so that you can emulate those elements in future posts.

  • Treat announcements as an extension of your product
    Be mindful of channeling energy away from fixing bugs or creating new content, but if you've decided to work on an announcement, prioritize it alongside everything else you are working on.

    Work collaboratively when writing announcements - everyone working on the product should have input into what you are communicating to your players.

  • Pair announcements with updates
    Product updates and announcements work great in combination. If you are posting an announcement about one of your bigger game updates, you can also use an Update Visibility Round.

    You can read more about how to create successful product updates here.

  • Reward your players
    Your team is constantly listening to players - use that to your advantage by rewarding fans and generating further interest. Some rewards to keep in mind:
    • Highlighting fan art and screenshots submitted by your fans.
    • Referencing your community's memes or jokes.
    • Including teases or hints at future content (this is also a great way to generate feedback & excitement before you actually work on the update).

  • Don't over-communicate
    When announcements are used properly, players anticipate hearing about your product. Part of this anticipation is created by having an exciting product, but communicating selectively also plays an important role.

    It may be tempting to post a lot of announcements and be involved in every discussion. Instead, take a step back and listen. If you don't have a reason to post an announcement, don't post one. Constant communication just to fill a blog will quickly cause players to lose interest.