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Halloween Events

Thanks for participating in the 2021 Steam Halloween Sale and Event!

We know that game developers run special events in their games during Halloween, even if the game is not normally associated with ‘Horror’. With the new tools available for events and announcements, along with additional visibility for events and announcements in the Steam Library you have some great new ways to communicate with your audience about limited-time Halloween-themed content or activities taking place in your game.

Halloween Event Types

If you are adding new maps, skins, artwork, or other content to your game for Halloween, or running limited-time events with special themed content, challenges, or other similar activities, please let us know by selecting a "Halloween Event" using the Steam Events system. We have set up a few common categories for Halloween Events to provide even further detail:

  • New DLC or permanent addition to the game
    This can be free or paid, but should be used if the content will be available permanently, even after Halloween ends.
    Examples: New maps, New game-mode, etc

  • In-Game Event
    Announce the time period for players to participate in some in-game activity to gain rewards or just to be together.
    • XP Boost
      Announce a time when players will get extra points for playing your game.
    • Loot Event
      Announce a chance to find limited-time or new, rare, or unique loot. Or, increase availability of loot by participating players.
    • Perks Event
      Announce players having access to limited-time bonus or perks within game by completing tasks and/or participating in community events.
    • In-Game Event
      Host a special in-game event with temporary Halloween-themed visuals.


Halloween Event Visibility

These special Halloween type events appear in the usual places such as your game's store page, in your players' Steam Library, and in your game's Steam Community Hub. In addition, these events are surfaced on the Halloween sale page in a special section that shows recent events from all games, preferring games owned/followed/wishlisted by the particular user and then falling back to top sellers.

Marketing Assets

Visit Dropbox for asset templates you can modify to promote your participation in the event.