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Steam Awards Nomination Tool
During the Steam Autumn Sale, your fans can nominate your game for a Steam Awards category. You can use the Steam Event system to encourage your community to nominate your game. If you specify a nomination category, it will provide your fans with an easy "Nominate" button embedded inside the event page.
Please do not use any other event type to communicate about Steam Awards nominations.

Creating A New Steam Awards Event

To get started, use the Event Dashboard to create a new event and choose the "Steam Awards Nomination Suggestion" category.


In this event, the "Options" tab will require you to choose which category to suggest to your fans. You can also select "No Category", which will let fans select their own.

Only games released since the previous year's Autumn Sale will be able to select any category. Games released earlier than last year's Autumn Sale will only be eligible for the 'A Labor of Love' category.


Your fans will see a section near the top of the event about the Steam Awards. It will have an easy to use call-to-action to nominate your game. This event will appear on your product page on the Steam Store, your Steam Community page, and the Library detail page for your game. It will not appear on the Library Home 'What's New' section.


Steam Awards Assets

We have created assets that you can use to post about the Steam Awards and the category you would like your game to be nominated on. You can download the assets for all eight categories here:

Note that your game can only be nominated in one category.

2019 Steam Winter Sale Assets

If you're participating in the 2019 Steam Winter Sale, we want to make sure you have everything you need to spread the word with your community. Here's a layered PSD asset you can use as you wish!

Follow these steps to get started:

1) Download the PSD template here: 2019WinterSale_socialmediatemplate.rar

2) Replace the Portal 2 Artwork with the Main Capsule image for your game, or an image with the same dimensions (616 pixels x 353 pixels)

3) Replace the price and discount layers with the correct amounts for your title (or hide these layers if you don't want to include them).

4) Find the appropriate language layer for the Steam Winter Sale header text.

5) Export and share!